Campaign with us

We have a long history of campaigning for positive change for nature and people and helping local communities to save special places for wildlife. You can find some current national campaigns below but you can ask your Wildlife Trust if there are any local campaigns you can support too.

Stop the badger cull expansion

Following the failure of the pilot badger culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset, The Wildlife Trusts are urging the Government to end the cull instead of spreading to new areas



Marine Conservation Zones

Our long-running campaign for a proper network of protected areas in UK seas. Join more than 7,000 others and sign up to our regular e-newsletter here. We call on this group to take action on marine conservation campaigns


Environment Pledge

We're asking all MPs to make a Pledge for the Environment - to commit to creating a future rich in wildlife post-Brexit. You can ask them to make this pledge, too. 


Repeal Bill

Most of the laws that protect our wildlife and environment are tied to our membership of the European Union. This includes our strongest protection for special wildlife sites and effective regulations on pollution of our seas and rivers. Help us ensure strong environmental protection post-Brexit.


National Marine Week

Many aspects of our everyday lives have a negative effect on our seas so we are asking members to take action to help marine wildlife. We will be asking you to pledge to make one (or more!) of these small changes for wildlife, and share on social media using #TheSeaAndMe


30 Days Wild

30 Days Wild is the UK's month-long nature challenge, run by The Wildlife Trusts from 1-30 June. This year 49,000 people signed up to do something wild every day for a month inlcuding more than 5,000 schools. 30 Days Wild will be back again in 2018 but for now - #staywild. 


Or check out our recent campaigns...

Save Our Marine Conservation Zones

A campaign to encourage people to respond to a government consultation about setting up 23 new Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) in English seas. This was the second of three rounds – in which MCZs will be designated between 2014-18. More than 2,300 people supported this campaign by writing personalised responses to Defra in support for creating all 23 new protected zones. Thanks to everyone who contacted their MP.

Defend Nature

Across Europe, including here in the UK, vital laws protect our most precious wildlife and wild places. These laws were under review and organisations across the EU rallied their forces to defend nature. In the UK more than 100,000 people sent messages to the EU government - thanks to everyone who helped.

Act for Nature

In the lead-up to the 2015 General Election we asked people to ask their local MPs to include a Nature & Wellbeing Act in their party manifestos. Run jointly with RSPB around 10,000 people sent messages to MPs in all constituencies.  

Save Rampisham Down

A campaign to stop a solar farm being built on a special grassland wildlife site, led by Dorset Wildlife Trust. In total over 10,000 emails were sent to the National Planing Casework Unit and the development was moved to a more suitable site. Thanks to everyone who supported this campaign.


Save our Vanishing Grasslands

We asked the government to halt the decline of our wildlife-rich grasslands. Thousands of people took part and supported this campaign.. If you were one - thank you!

Petition Fish

We collected signatures on thousands of shiny fish scales to support a Marine Act for protection of our seas and their wildlife! In total we collected more than 130,000 signatures. Wow! In 2009 the Act was introduced and since then the Government has been setting up protected areas in the seas aroound England (with similar processes underway, although at dfferent stages, in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales). More: