Adopt a water vole

Water vole taking a swimWater vole (credit Amy Lewis)

Help the UK’s fastest declining mammal by adopting a water vole with a Wildlife Trust.

Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust

Sponsor a water vole
Price: £20 including postage and packing within UK
What you’ll receive: Included in our attractively designed gift envelope will be a welcome letter, certificate of sponsorship, a beautiful water vole photograph, a lovely wildlife illustrated postcard & two fantastic double sided water vole & chalk river fact cards -- including a reserves map highlighting the nature reserves where you can visit your sponsored species in its chalk river habitat!
Additional: Unfortunately, water voles are the UK’s fastest declining mammal. By sponsoring a water vole you are helping our specialist recovery project to continue. Thankfully, local populations are starting to recover but they still remain vulnerable. Your wildlife gift will make a valuable contribution to supporting our river restoration work, helping to safeguard a future for our local water voles.
Contact: Call 01727 858901

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

Price: £15 including postage and packing within the UK
What you get: A photograph of a water vole, adoption certificate, water vole fact sheet, a fun 'pop-up' of your chosen species to make and colouring sheets if the adoption is for a child.
Additional: Water voles are a priority species in the Worcestershire Biodiversity Action Plan. Through conservation work, education and advice we protect the habitat they need to survive. The money raised from your adoption will go towards the costs of carrying out this work, directly contributing to the survival of these endangered species so that populations can continue to grow

More info: Call 01905 754919