Adopt an owl

Barn owl in flightBarn owl (credit Wildstock)

Over the last 70 years, Barn owl numbers has severely plummeted across the UK as a result of change in farming practices and loss of traditional nesting sites through barn conversions and removal of hollow old trees. Adopt a barn owl today and help The Wildlife Trusts protect these striking birds for future generations to come.

Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Price: £25
What you'll receive: Welcome letter, thank you certificate, 4-page colour factfile, postcard. exclusive car sticker, cuddly toy or book, stickers and extra fun things for youngsters! All presented in a box, so it's easy to wrap!
Additional: Recent reports have shown that 2013 was one of the worst years on record for nesting barn owls across the UK, with numbers in Cheshire alone dropping by more than 80% on the previous year due to poor winter and spring weather conditions. With your help, we can work with our partners to install nesting boxes for barn owls, and more importantly, advise and manage our Living Landscape so there's more suitable habitat for this iconic bird.
Contact info: Call 01948 820728

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Price: £30 
What you'll receive: A large Barn Owl soft toy, photograph of the striking barn owl, fact sheet about barn owls, a fun ‘pop-up’ model for you to cut out and make, adoption certificate, colouring in sheets. 
Additional: Barn owls prefer open farmland to hunt in, and old hollow deadwood and barns to roost in. Unfortunately many of these traditional nesting sites are being removed or converted into living spaces. Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust works with farmers to conserve suitable habitats for them and also their prey of small mammals. Adopt a barn owl today and know that you are helping us to protect these striking birds for future generations to come.
Contact info: Call 01452 383333

Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Price: £20
What you'll receive: Personalised certificate, beautifully illustrated factsheet on barn owls, a wooden Norfolk Wildlife Trust keyring and information about the work of theTrust and visiting our reserves.

Kent Wildlife Trust

Price: £28
What you'll receive: Each gift pack includes A cuddly soft toy, 4-page information sheet, 2-page update sheet, certificate, stunning photograph, butterfly pin badge
Additional: The numbers of these beautiful birds of prey have declined in Britain due to habitat loss such as the reduction of derelict old buildings used for nesting, and the use of pesticides. Kent Wildlife Trust works to save, restore and protect habitats such as grassland and scrubland that these graceful birds need in order to survive.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Price: £20
What you'll receive: A gift certificate, a photograph and an illustrated factsheet, packed with interesting information.
Additional: In Shropshire, Barn owl populations have halved. Owls need a good supply of voles to hunt and voles need rough grassland, a kind of habitat which has disappeared from much of our tidy, intensively managed landscape. Nesting places have also grown hard to find. Through the barn owl adoption scheme, Shropshire Wildlife Trust install barn owl nest boxes on suitable nature reserves and give these charismatic birds a chance to breed. Several of their nature reserves have good grassland with plentiful voles, ideal for barn owls.
Contact info: Call 01743 284280 or email:

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Price: £20
What you'll receive: The beautifully presented gift box contains: A cute cuddly barn owl, adoption certificate, fascinating fact sheet about barn owls, a fun make-your-own barn owl cut out figure, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust window sticker, What's On events guide and latest issue of Staffordshire Wildlife magazine.
Additional: All proceeds from the sale of the Adopt a Barn Owl gift pack will go towards supporting Staffordshire Wildlife Trust's work protecting wildlife across the county.

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

Price: £25
By adopting an owl you are helping Warwickshire Wildlife Trust protect and enhance areas where owls live in Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull. Child and adult packs available, the perfect gift for wildlife lovers.

What you'll receive: Each pack contains a welcome letter, owl soft toy, part 1 of your owl’s story*, owl pin badge, adoption certificate, owl factsheet and poster.

*Parts 2 and 3 of your owl’s story will be sent to you later in the year.

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

Price: £20 including postage and packing within the UK
What you'll receive: Adoption certificate, factsheet about barn owls, photograph of a barn owl and a pop-up species to cut out and put together.
Additional: Through conservation work, education and advice, Worcestershire Wildlife Trust protect the habitat they need to survive. The money raised from your adoption will go towards the costs of carrying out this work, directly contributing to the survival of these endangered species so that populations can continue to grow.
Contact info: Call 01905 754919