Adopt a bird

Great tit nestlings in a nest boxNest box (credit Zsuzsanna Bird)

Sponsor a kingfisher with Kent Wildlife Trust

Additional: Kingfishers are striking birds with vivid colours of blue and orange. Kingfishers like shallow water with plenty of fish and places to perch. The Trust’s work to clear riverbanks and prevent encroaching vegetation helps maintain suitable nesting sites for these birds.
More information: 01622 662012

Adopt a Cemlyn Sandwich Tern with North Wales Wildlife Trust

Price: £10 including postage and packing within the UK
Cemlyn is a coastal nature reserve located on Anglesey, North Wales. The site’s tern colony, which regularly hosts Arctic, Common and Sandwich Terns is the main focus of conservation work at Cemlyn. Because of disturbance at their traditional breeding areas, due to increased coastal access and development, terns have declined historically in Britain, so sites like Cemlyn, which still hold healthy populations, are a precious and nationally importance resource. Two wardens are employed every summer, to monitor and protect the terns. Your adoption will help support the annual cost of employing seasonal wardens.
What you receive: The Cemlyn Sandwich Tern adoption pack comes with a fantastic Sandwich Tern photo giftcard by professional wildlife photographer Graham Eaton, a factsheet about Cemlyn Nature Reserve and a personalised adoption certificate.
More info: or 01248 351541 or

Protect-a-Puffin with The Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales

Price: £25 per annum
What you receive: Welcoming letter, puffin badge, adoption certificate, puffin fact sheet, puffin soft toy, annual puffin report
Additional: The Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales protects one of the largest colonies of puffins in Britain. There are 100,000 puffins on Skomer Island and neighbouring Skokholm, off the Pembrokeshire coast. Further information: Tel: 01656 724100 or email:

Adopt a nest box with Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Price: £25 per annum
What you receive: Certificate
Yearly Report on the activity in your box
Additional: Nest box situated within the grounds of the Wolseley Centre, just north of Rugeley on the A51 and open all year. There are 45 bird boxes providing shelter and nesting sites for many familiar feathered friends. All adoption fees will go towards the upkeep of the Wolseley Centre’s grounds.
More Information: 01889 880100 (Alison Rhodes)

Adopt a snipe with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

Price: £20.00 including postage
What you receive: A factsheet about the species, adoption certificate and a fun pop-up species to cut out and put together
Additional: These secretive, highly camouflaged birds spend much of their time hiding in wet, rushy meadows and tall marshy grass where they nest. Snipe breeding populations plummeted by 90% between 1972 and 1996 due to the draining of wet grassland, habitat destruction, climate change and physical disturbance. By creating suitable habitat in places like Brandon Marsh and the Tame Valley, we hope to contribute to reversing this dramatic decline.
More information: 024 7630 2912

Rent-a-Nest with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

Price: One year lease is £10 for an adult or £5 for a child (under 16)
What you receive:  You'll have a lease on your own box and will be able to find out who's resting in your nest! We've got a range of different boxes on four reserves: Knowles Coppice, Lower Smite Farm, The Knapp & Papermill and Tiddesley Wood. Renters each receive a lease on their own box, a lease-holders certificate, an annual report charting who's used the box and the chance to visit the box at special events with the local warden.
More information: call 01905 754919 to find out more. You can order and pay for your adopt-a-species over the telephone.