Adopt an amphibian or reptile

Great crested newt (credit Philip Precey)

Great crested newt - Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Prices:  £10
What you receive: Card with photo of species if the adoption is for a gift, adoption certificate, factsheet, fun 'pop-up' of your chosen species to make and colouring sheets if the adoption is for a child. The money raised by your adoption will go towards the costs of carrying out conservation work on our nature reserves as well as education and advice to landowners and the public, directly contributing to the survival of these species so that populations can continue to grow.
More information on adoptions: 0115 958 8242 Visit:

Great crested newt - Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

Price: £10.00 including postage
What you receive: A factsheet about the species, adoption certificate and a fun pop-up species to cut out and put together
Additional: The great crested newt is the least common amphibian in Warwickshire and is protected by European legislation. Threatened with extinction in several counties, Britain is one of its remaining strongholds. Therefore, it is vital that its numbers are maintained here. Threats facing great crested newts include the in-filling of ponds, the introduction of fish to ponds and loss of the terrestrial habitat on which they depend for part of their lives. Warwickshire Wildlife Trust is working to counter these threats by protecting and recreating the habitats where these fascinating amphibians live.
More information: 024 7630 2912