Center Parcs

It’s no secret that being around nature is good for the soul and it’s one of the most important things about a break at one of Center Parc’s four (soon to be five) forest holiday villages.

The Wildlife Trusts have worked with Center Parcs for many years to advise on how the woodland habitat is managed so that it is the best it can be for wildlife and people.  Center Parcs commitment to the natural environment is evident in its being the only organisation to have achieved and retained The Wildlife Trusts’ Biodiversity Benchmark for all of its sites.   

We are now working with the company to inspire guests to value and take action for nature before, during and after their break.  As one of Center Parc’s charity partners guests can support The Wildlife Trusts at the point of booking and their donation is matched by the company. 

Over the coming months we will be working with Center Parcs to help guests make the most of the natural environment around them and to inspire them to take action when they get home.  This way they can experience Real Life, being connected to the nature which is part of their everyday lives.