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GIlfach Farm (photo: Radnorshire Wildlife Trust)

Set in the lovely Marteg Valley just north of Rhayader, Gilfach is a 410 acre hill farm nature reserve, owned and managed by Radnorshire Wildlife Trust. A mosaic of habitat including traditional hay meadows, rocky outcrops, rhos pasture, wet flushes, hill-side scrub and oak woodland, the farm is hugely rich in flora and fauna.

When it comes to things to do here you are spoilt for choice

When it comes to things to do here you are spoilt for choice: walk along the reserve’s spectacular trails that lead through meadows peppered with anthills, spot a dipper hunting along the River Marteg, admire the valley’s glorious views and tumbling waterfalls, and not forgetting the reserve’s otter hide and abundance of great picnic spots.

As for wildlife, Gilfach is home to many larger mammal species including the otter, polecat, stoat and weasel. The reserve is also rich in birds, with over 73 different visitors recorded including the buzzard, kestrel, redstart, skylark, curlew, merlin and red kite. Bats meanwhile, including the Daubentons, Natterers and Brown long-eared also hibernate in the railway tunnel.

The farm itself is registered as an organic holding and contains exciting livestock species including Welsh black cows and local Welsh mountain-cross sheep. Gilfach’s traditional barns are now a ‘Nature Discovery Centre’ providing lots of information and exhibitions about the reserve. The reserve’s toilets (including disabled) are open all year for visitors.

For more information you can visit Radnorshire Wildlife Trust’s Website

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