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Joan Edwards is the Head of Living Seas at The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts.

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Change in law brings greater protection to our seas

Posted: Monday 21st October 2013 by LivingSeas

Today a major victory was won in the battle to ensure adequate protection for our marine environment. Following action by The Wildlife Trusts, RSPB and the RSPCA the International Maritime Organisation decided to reclassify Polyisobutelene (PIB), under MARPOL, making it illegal to discharge any amount into the sea.

Earlier this year over 4,000 seabirds washed ashore, dead or dying after there were two separate spills. The substance which has been likened to PVA glue in consistency, coats the birds feathers, rendering them unable to fly or maintain core body temperature. The beaches in the South West of England were a sorry sight, as birds came ashore with every high tide.

Today’s decision is a real step forward, safeguarding our seas and sealife for future generations.

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