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Purbeck Marine Wildlife Reserve

Posted: Thursday 31st July 2014 by ASpecialPlaceEachWeek

Purbeck Marine Wildlife Reserve (Image: Dorset Wildlife Trust)

Extending along a beautiful stretch of Dorset's Jurassic Coast, this reserve delivers splendid views. From grassy cliff tops and underwater nature trails for divers and snorkelers, there is adventure here for everyone.

Over the summer, snorkelers and divers can marvel at the underwater biodiversity

Kimmeridge Bay at the centre of Purbeck Marine Wildlife Reserve is a great place to explore the life of the rocky shore. Especially on a sunny day. Visit with a bucket and net and get lost speding hours exploring the vast and colourful rock pools. With its unusual double low tide, you can spend extra time dipping in and out of pools looking for bright seaweed, tompot blennes, anemones and the many other species that have been left high and dry by the receding tide.

The clear waters deliver great views of rainbow wrack, ballan wrasse and lobsters. Those not so keen on getting their feet wet can enjoy similar views in the marine centre where a screen provides footage of a camera nestled on the reserve's seabed. The Fine Foundation Marine Centre also contains interactive displays and aquaria, encouraging all ages to explore the surrounding bay, ledges and rock pools.

For more information visit Dorset Wildlife Trust’s website

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