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Cricklepit Mill Wildflower Meadow (Image: Devon Wildlife Trust)

Cricklepit Mill is an amazing place to see wildlife in the heart of the city. The historic mill is located on a 12th century leat which attracts kingfishers, dippers, little egrets and occasionally otters! The wildlife garden comes alive in the spring and summer months with bee and butterfly borders, mini tub ponds and a wildflower meadow patch. Find inspiration here for your own wildlife gardening or just relax in this wildlife oasis.

For an urban site, the Mill has an extraordinary wealth of wildlife

Around 100 species of plants flourish in its grounds, with more on its sedum roof. Having flowing water passing through means that fish and waterfowl are regularly seen. The leat teems with freshwater shrimps and when the water levels are low all kinds of birds take advantage of the food source. Small fish frequently attract kingfishers and a pair of grey wagtails regularly raises a brood here. Other regular visitors are egrets and dippers.

Otters regularly visit the Mill's leat and are often caught on an infrared camera both day and night. In 2012 a hide was installed to provide visitors with a secluded view of wildlife without being spotted, offering the perfect chance to catch a glimpse of these otters.

For more information visit Devon Wildlife Trust’s website

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