Biodiversity Benchmark
for a Living Landscape

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2018 Workshop Dates: 22nd March in Birmingham & 7th June in London. Book here!

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Biodiversity Benchmark is the only award for business to recognise and reward continual Biodiversity improvement.

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Every organisation, regardless of size, sector or location depends in some way on the natural environment and those with responsibility for land management have a direct impact on biodiversity. The Biodiversity Benchmark provides a framework within which an organisation can ensure that its impact is as positive as it possibly can be by providing robust, independent verification of planning and implementation of land management practices.

Biodiversity Benchmark is a standard for assessing and certifying an organisation’s systems for achieving continual biodiversity protection and enhancement on its landholdings and their implementation. The nature of certified sites varies and their effective management for wildlife contributes to the creation of a Living Landscape in a number of ways:

  • Restore: Proactive management of existing wildlife rich sites and sites of conservation importance.
  • Recreate: Establishment of wildlife habitat on land previously used for other purposes.
  • Reconnect: Sites which contribute towards a network of habitats, enhancing the permeability of the landscape to wildlife.

Biodiversity Benchmark can complement existing environmental management systems such as ISO14001 and EMAS by integrating biodiversity into the systems of an organisation. Alternatively it can operate as a standalone system.