Help save land for nature. Donate to a local appeal

From once in a lifetime opportunities to do something amazing for wildlife, to urgent requests for donations to save a threatened piece of land, you can help The Wildlife Trusts achieve positive change for nature and people.

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Coastal Flood

Help reserves recover

A tidal surge two metres above normal levels flooded some of our best loved nature reserves including Donna Nook, Gibraltar Point and Far Ings coastal in December 2013.

With the help of our dedicated staff and volunteers, and your support, we can repair the damage and help habitats recover.

Beds, Cambs & Northants

Great Fen Project

Target: £182,000

A fantastic opportunity to transform 182 hectares of land at the heart of the Great Fen.

BCN Wildlife Trust must find £182,000 of match funding in order to be awarded with the generous grant of £1.89 million from The Heritage Lottery Fund.

Berks, Bucks & Oxon

Save Water Voles

Target: £45,000

Here in the three counties water vole populations have grown during the last 5 years, largely because of our dedicated conservation work.

Without urgent funding, despite all our hard work and positive results, our local water vole colonies will be in jeopardy. But water voles can disappear just as easily as they arrive. Insensitive works on riverbanks or the presence of just one American mink could quickly wipe out a water vole colony.


HS2: Wildlife In Crisis

Target: £17,500

HS2, the high speed railway that will link the north of England to London and the continent will pass directly through our county. It will also carve its way through over 25 sites that are important to wildlife. These sites are home to some of our most loved wildlife including barn owls, skylarks, hares, dormice and otters.

At this time of unprecedented crisis for wildlife we urgently need you to donate to our HS2 appeal so we can act as a voice for wildlife before it is too late. 


Woodhall Spa Airfield

A land fit for heroes

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is hoping to raise half a million pounds to buy Woodhall Spa Airfield, home of the 617 ‘Dambuster’ Squadron during the last years of World War Two.

By buying the airfield the Trust will be able to create a Living Landscape of larger, connected wildlife sites with improved access for people.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight 

Making Space for Wildlife 

Target: £25,000

The new National Planning Framework is designed to speed-up planning applications and ensure that proposals can be approved wherever possible, and ‘without delay’, which if left unchallenged, could do irreparable harm to our local wildlife.

Compared to housing developers, the Trust’s resources are tiny but the good news is that when we can respond to planning applications there is a positive outcome for wildlife in two out of every three cases.

With your support we can make a difference – please help if you can.

North Wales

Coed Ty Uchaf

Target: £25,000

North Wales Wildlife Trust have been given a special opportunity to create 35 acres of thriving fen and mire in the foothills of beautiful Snowdonia. This habitat will benefit a huge variety of wetland species from grasshopper warblers to woodcock and water vole to otter – but we need your help to make our vision a reality.


Skylarks Appeal

Target: £20,000

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is currently working to extend its popular Skylarks Nature Reserve close to Nottingham in the Trent Valley.

To help fund habitat and access improvements the Trust requires around £20,000 as match funding to help draw down grants and other funding.



Target: £42,000

This new piece of land features towering ash trees rising up from the valley bottom and oak trees on the drier upper slopes.

Spring sees the ground covered by a lush carpet of wild garlic, bluebells, wood avens, wood anemones...

South West Wales


Save a wildlife-rich meadow

Help the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales restore Carmel's meadows and hedgerows - home to dormice, orchids and bees - and bring out the full potential of this important site.

Path improvements and waymarking will also enable more visitors to experience the wildlife and rich history of the reserve.


Meeth Quarry

Recovering landscape


Meeth Quarry is Devon’s most exciting new nature reserve.

Help make this recovering ex-industrial landscape of 370 acres an even better place for wildlife – and for visitors too.


Fields of Gold

Target: £382,000

A chance to buy a farm and create one of the largest areas of pasture and meadow in the county.

What's exciting is the combination of protecting a truly special place and making it even more special by putting back wildflowers and orchards where they have been lost.

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Birmingham & Black Country

Rowley Hills

Save crucial grasslands

One of the biggest landmarks in the Black Country Living Landscape. Their grasslands are alive with flowers, butterflies and other wildlife. But the land is in fragmented ownership and its future is uncertain.

Please support our appeal so we can bring as much as possible of the Rowley Hills grasslands into a wider nature reserve to secure their future for wildlife and as a place that everyone can enjoy.


Dolforwyn Woods

Save a special ancient wood

Time is running out for Dolforwyn Woods. Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust need to raise money to buy this sancient woodland to prevent it being sold on the open market - an action that could result in the wood being used for commercial forestry, which could lead to loss of habitat and access.

Help to save Dolforwyn Woods.


Seabird Emergency

Help the pan-Channel Islands

We are calling for your support with a pan-Channel Islands emergency response and monitoring effort for the exhausted and dead seabirds that are being washed up in the thousands across the shores of France, the Channel Islands and south England.





The Great Heath Living Landscape

Target: £50,000

Help protect West Dorset’s magnificent meadows. By donating today you can help to maintain a unique grazing programme, protecting West Dorset’s picturesque but threatened grassland sites and allowing traditional wildflower meadows to flourish. The project only needs a remaining £50,000 by the 31st March.

North Wales Wildlife Trust

Alun & Chwiler Living Landscape

Target: £65,000

The Rivers Alun (Alyn) and Chwiler (Wheeler) and their catchments support some of North-East Wales’s finest and most varied natural landscapes and species.

However, in order to achieve our initial vision for these two living, breathing valleys we need to raise £65,000 to secure a three-year project aimed at connecting habitats, reviving rarities and bringing communities together. 

Lake District, Cumbria

Securing Lakeland Fell

Target: £968,000

Eycott Hill should (and could) be teeming with wildlife, bringing the sights and sounds of nature to all those who love the fells.

This is our chance to make this happen. Our chance to champion, demonstrate and deliver wildlife conservation as part of the iconic landscape for which Cumbria is world famous.


Woodland Appeal

Target: £30,000

Our woodland is silently dying, having a devastating impact on our wildlife. We must act, now, to save what remains. Will you help us raise £30,000 to ensure our woodland is managed to the highest environmental standards so our wildlife can thrive far into the future?


x10 Appeal

Multiply your donation by 10

Landfill tax helps to reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfill and generates support for environmental projects through the Landfill Communities Fund.

Help us make the most of this remarkable source of income.


Eridge Rocks

Target: £25,000

Help us to expand Eridge Rocks nature reserve - home to rare mosses, liverworts and ferns - to over 100 acres of protected land for wildlife.Sussex Wildlife Trust has the opportunity to buy five acres of land adjoining its Eridge Rocks Nature Reserve.


Communities Appeal

Target: £40,000

A gap in funding means our work inspiring communities to value and appreciate their local greenspaces is under threat. If we cannot engage people about the value and importance of the natural world the future for the environment, and our wildlife, is bleak.

People are key to the future of wildlife conservation and the success of our Surrey Greenspace Project has proved that, given the opportunity and support, we can engage and inspire new audiences. Please help us continue this vital work.  


Help Save Rare Butterflies

Target: £20,000 

60% of monitored UK butterfly species have declined, including the Duke of Burgundy, small blue and dingy skipper. But these rare butterflies can be found at The Wildlife Trust’s Totternhoe nature reserve in Bedfordshire, where we are managing habitat especially for them. They rely on chalk grassland to feed and breed, but in recent years the quality and quantity of grassland has reduced. It is essential that we restore and link together areas of chalk grassland. Please make a donation towards vital habitat restoration.


Creating A Wildlife Haven

Target: £120,000 

Please help Avon Wildlife Trust celebrate Bristol’s year as European Green Capital in 2015 by creating a wildlife haven at the gateway to the city.

This project will convert a neglected former sports facility in the Avon Gorge into a wildlife haven of wildflower meadows, native woodland, hedgerows and ponds.

South and West Wales

Save Our Seabirds

Target: £10,000

Recent record-breaking storms have caused massive mortality of birds wintering at sea around the south coast of Britain, including our Skomer and Skokholm birds.

Please help us raise funds to continue vital research in understanding and solving the problems our seabirds are facing.

Herts & Middlesex

Give Us A Kiss

Target: £15,000

Kissing gates, bridges and boardwalks offer children the doorway to get close to nature and  learn about wildlife and the countryside by being in it.

They also cost money. Ravaged by regular use and the awful storms this winter, these simple structures are desperately crying out for repair - some need replacing altogether.Without your support, the chance of adventure will be lost.


Save Water Voles

Stop their decline

The water vole is a shy, secretive bank-dwelling creature. Despite their shyness they are true engineers of the riverbank. Unfortunately they are identified as the UK’s fastest declining mammal. Most of Kent’s water voles are found in the large areas of grazing marsh that we’re lucky enough to have in the county, but the decline here is equally as catastrophic.

There is an urgent need to help Kent Wildlife Trust continue to protect this extraordinary little mammal.

Dorset Wildlife Trust 

Save Barn Owls

Target: £27,000 

Dorset Wildlife Trust have launched an urgent appeal to provide help for threatened barn owls in the county, after numbers have plummeted following their worst breeding season for 30 years, in 2013.

Support is urgently needed to complete conservation work over the next two years, including constructing barn owl boxes in suitable habitats, visiting landowners to offer advice about how to manage land to benefit the barn owl, and delivering educational talks and guided walks for schools and communities, to encourage recordings of barn owl sightings.


Sussex Downs

Target: £40,000

For the past fifty years, the Sussex Wildlife Trust have been battling to bring back some of the lost wildlife to the South Downs. We want more and more people to return to the Downs, bringing their children, to once again enjoy the wildlife that flourishes here.

However, the work is expensive: machinery and tools, contractors, fencing materials, vets’ bills, livestock and animal husbandry - it all adds up.

Please help us to raise £40,000 to continue to fund this work for the next three years.


Cley Marshes

Target: £1million

This is the biggest appeal in the Trust’s 86 year history. And probably the most important.

Please help us make this once in a lifetime purchase of an irreplaceable piece of land.

Purchase includes Pope’s Marsh - enabling us to secure wildlife conservation within a eight kilometre strech of coastal nature reserves from Blakeney to Salthouse.