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Thank you for your interest in donating to a local appeal. Your support is vital to delivering a healthy, wildlife-rich natural world. From purchasing land for a new reserve, to protecting a much loved species, there's bound to be an exciting project near you that needs your support.

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Avon Wildlife Trust

Nature Now Campaign

Target: £4,000

For many of us our love of nature was kindled in childhood. But today 50% of our children no longer play in the wild and 56% of our wildlife is under threat.

At Avon Wildlife Trust we know our local wildlife is special, and every year we help thousands of children get to know their local natural world.

We’re one of the fastest growing regions in the UK, with over 100,000 houses planned to be built in the coming years. As urbanisation spreads across our region, the wild places we love are at risk from this concrete expansion.

Please donate to help us inspire ambassadors for nature and protect nature now.


Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Champions Of Sherwood

Target: £100,000

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust's vision for a Living Landscape in Sherwood which will be delivered by restoring, recreating and reconnecting wildlife-rich spaces. Alongside efforts to protect the valuable remaining areas of woodland, wood pasture and heathland, the Wildlife Trust is working with partners to put back areas of the Forest lost to development, intensive agriculture or other changes in land use.



Dormice Hedge Fund

Target: £5000

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust has been actively supporting the re-introduction of dormice in Nottinghamshire. We care for a number of release sites & are working to link sites to ensure the species' future.



Badger Appeal

Target: £75,000

We are committed to reducing bovine TB in badgers and cattle here in Nottinghamshire, encouraging a healthy, stable badger population. We can make a real difference, but only with your support.


Kent Wildlife Trust

Lydden Temple Ewell Extension Appeal

Target: £78,000

In 2016 our kind supporters helped us raise funds to purchase and manage a crucial extension to the National Nature Reserve at Lydden Temple Ewell.

Now we have the chance to secure a second piece of land that will help us transform the future of this site.



Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Pine Marten Appeal

Target: £10,000

Pine martens have been discovered in Shropshire – the only confirmed location in England!

Your donation will help us conserve the existing population of these wonderful animals, and install 100 den boxes to promote safe breeding spaces. Our team will also be working hard, analysing their DNA by collecting scats (poo) to check their origin, and raising awareness of their presence with local landowners.


Scottish Wildlife Trust

Seed Fund Appeal

Target: £25,000

Help establish a very special Seed Fund for Scotland!

Grants associated with landfill operations have already been used to benefit Scotland’s wildlife. A gift to our Seed Fund could provide ten times its value.

It will enable the acceptance of time-limited offers, unlocking large-scale funding that can be quickly invested in nature conservation across Scotland.

Your support can help provide better paths on wildlife reserves, a safe nesting raft for terns and the restoration of stands of ancient juniper. 

Sheffield Wildlife Trust

Be a Hedgehog Hero!

Target: £5,000


Please help our campaign to raise £5000 to save Sheffield's hedgehogs!

Your donation will fund hedgehog-friendly habitat work on our nature reserves, and support our Nature Counts volunteers' work to survey and monitor hedgehog numbers. We're also committed to combating the causes of their decline, and raising awareness of the hedgehogs' plight.



Northumberland Wildlife Trust

Give our volunteers a home?

Target: £5,000

The workshop will be created from a second-hand storage container and will be insulated and fitted with electricity and mains water creating a warm, dry working space.

All too often, volunteers end up working in cramped, cold conditions in our existing small storage area or even worse, outside in the cold and rain.

This new, dedicated area will be perfect for all kinds of activities like making bird boxes to go out on our reserves or simply repairing tools.

Somerset Wildlife Trust

Somerset Nature Reserve Fund


We manage over 1700 hectares of land which includes a variety of habitats, providing secure environments for a diverse range of species.

It takes an awful lot of planning and resource throughout the year to sustain the basic health of these special places.

We need your support; a contribution no matter how big or small will really make a difference.


Surrey Wildlife Trust

State of Surrey's Nature Appeal

Following the results from the UK wide State of Nature 2016, we wanted a local picture of what was happening in Surrey. Sadly, when our Living Landscapes Manager produced the State of Surrey’s Nature report it made alarming reading.

Surrey’s flora and fauna has suffered a far higher rate of loss in species than the nation as a whole.

We are determined to make Surrey a place for nature to recover and we’re asking for your support. Can you help us halt the decline by making a gift today?


Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Suffolk Broads Appeal

Target: £1 million


Suffolk Wildlife Trust has an amazing, unprecedented opportunity to create a 1,000 acre nature reserve in the Broads National Park, right on the doorstep of Lowestoft.

We need to raise £1 million to purchase 384 acres of land flanking our existing reserve at Carlton Marshes. Buying this land will secure its future as a home for wildlife forever.



Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Our Marvellous Meadows

Target: £17,500



We need your help to buy a new vehicle capable of towing 3.5 tonnes to manage these amazing wildlife rich meadows.

This vehicle is essential to help manage our Conservation Herd and in turn to manage our 680 hectares of grassland nature reserves, including some of the best chalk downland in England.

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Nature reserves fund

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust is uniquely placed to protect and secure the county's rich and varied landscapes, vulnerable wildlife and iconic species.

With your support the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust team will make sure that our nature reserves continue to excite and inspire people today and for generations to come.

Our nature reserves may appear to be wild, undisturbed havens for wildlife, but a great deal of hard work, time and investment goes into keeping them 'wild'. The on-going cyclical nature of reserve management is vital to produce the diversity of habitats for rare species to survive.




Rarities of Gloucestershire

Extinction isn’t just threatening flora and fauna overseas. Right here in Gloucestershire, there are precious and beautiful species that could vanish forever. We have some of the country’s rarest and most fragile wildflowers on our doorstep. But they are in rapid decline. Many are now only found on nature reserves managed by Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.

That's why we urgently need your help today.


Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

Secrets of the Solent

Target: £10,000



The Solent and waters around the Isle of Wight are home to a whole host of animals, from seals and elusive seahorses, to feisty crabs, strange-looking sea squirts and intelligent cuttlefish.

Help us get an important project off the ground that aims to protect these fabulous species and their environment.


Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

Forgotten Floodplains Appeal

Target: £50,000

“The meadows delight with their wildflowers and butterflies, enhanced by glimpses of hares and the presence of an otter.” Chris, volunteer reserve manager

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust has just six months to raise £460,000 to buy 50 acres of nationally important floodplain meadows in a secluded and special corner of Worcestershire. Hardwick Green Meadows are an internationally important collection of meadows, rich in plants such as great burnet, pepper saxifrage and corky-fruited water dropwort.

We need your help to raise £50,000 to make up the full amount that we need to purchase Hardwick Green Meadows; every £1 donated with unlock £8 in match-funding from other sources.



Devon Wildlife Trust

Support Devon's Beavers

Target: £100,000

Beavers have been introduced to a 2.8 hectare plot of wet woodland and rough grassland so that Devon Wildlife Trust can monitor the ecological effects of these once-native mammals.

Support the re-introduction of this amazing species, and help us to study the many positive effects they can have on their local habitat.

Our research focuses on the impact of beavers on:

-Trees and other plants
-Wildlife populations, including amphibians, bats & breeding birds
-Water levels and flow rates through the site
-Water quality either side of beaver dams