Help save land for nature. Donate to a local appeal

From once in a lifetime opportunities to do something amazing for wildlife, to urgent requests for donations to save a threatened piece of land, you can help The Wildlife Trusts achieve positive change for nature and people.


Badger vaccination appeals

A vaccine for badgers is available now and has the potential to help reduce bTB without the negative impacts of perturbation arising from a badger cull.

Fourteen Wildlife Trusts are carrying out badger vaccination programmes and they need your support.


Help for Hedgehogs



Target: £250,000


Threatened butterflies


Target: £20,000

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Potteric Appeal


Target: £50,000

Hedgehogs are in rapid decline in Britain, attracting significant media attention, both nationally and locally in Warwickshire.

The Trust plan to raise £250,000 to work with local schools, planners, developers, local businesses and landowners to raise awareness of the issues facing one of our most loved wild animals. 

Avon Wildlife Trust's nature reserves are home to several of the UK’s rarest and most beautiful butterfly species. But their populations are in serious decline. Vital butterfly habitat has been lost across the country – including 97% of England and Wales’ wildflower meadows.

To make this year great for butterflies, please make a gift towards the £20,000 the Trust desperately needs to improve butterfly habitat on their nature reserves. 

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's Potteric Carr is their flagship nature reserve in Doncaster. 

Despite being one of the largest inland wetlands in the UK it currently has no visitor centre.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust would like to build a new visitor centre to allow them to engage with more people and become more sustainable in the future. This centre would help to inspire local people about the wildlife near them.

Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire

Great Fen, Great Fun!

Target: £5,000

Children are growing up in a world where the internet and other forms of digital interaction are features of daily life, we want to use this technology as a tool to inspire and reconnect children to the natural world.

Our goal is to motivate and inspire children to discover nature through play. We’re designing a digital game with a difference, to make a difference. We need to raise £5000 in donations to help us develop and deliver 'Great Fen Great Fun!' this summer (2016). 

Our digital game will encourage children to meet our Fen Friends; Newton the Great Crested Newt, Verity the Watervole, Squadron Leader Swoop the Marsh Harrier and Luna the dragonfly who will take children on a journey of discovery across one of the most amazing conservation projects happening in the UK today: The Great Fen


Crayfish in Crisis Appeal

Target: £33,000

The white-clawed crayfish is the UK’s only native crayfish, which unfortunately has suffered a catastrophic decline in recent years. This is primarily due to the invasion of the larger American signal crayfish, that carries a fungal disease, crayfish plague, which they are immune to, but which is lethal to our native white-clawed species.

Unless immediate action is taken to help our white-clawed crayfish, this priority species could be lost altogether from not only the River Allen but from all of Dorset’s rivers.

Please help Dorset Wildlife Trust raise £33,000 to protect surviving native crayfish on the River Allen, whilst also bolstering their crayfish river restoration work here and on other Dorset rivers that will benefit white-clawed crayfish and other river wildlife for years to come.


A County with Wildlife at its Heart

Sharing wildlife gardening expertise 

We want to share our wildlife gardening expertise to educate and inspire people on the importance of making their outside space a haven for wildlife - whatever the size!

Gardens cover some 12% (20,000 hectares) of Surrey and are vital areas for species such as hedgehogs, which have suffered a shocking decline. Once a common sight, their numbers are thought to have reduced by 30% in just 10 years.

We don’t need to have large gardens to enable wildlife to thrive, but we DO need to be inspired.

Please donate and we will use your funding to not just influence one species or one corner of our county,
but to bring people together with a common purpose – to give wildlife a home.


35th Anniversary Appeal

Help Avon Wildlife Trust to improve interpretation boards

To celebrate their 35th anniversary, Avon Wildlife Trust want to improve the information boards on their nature reserves.

Funding is hard to come by, and the Trust have to prioritise the funding they do receive for protecting species, conserving green spaces & ensuring everybody can access the natural environment. This means little is left for interpretation boards. These boards can explain how wildlife improves all of our lives & the vital role visitors themselves play in supporting their local wildlife.

Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire

Godmanchester Nature Reserve

Target: £100,000

We think Godmanchester nature reserve is one of Huntingdonshire's most important and special places, and we know that many of you do too.

It’s one of the few places in the Great Ouse Valley where you can see wetland birds and wildlife up close without disturbing them. The potential to increase the wildlife spectacle for people – whilst still protecting animals, plants and insects – is huge. By making a donation today you can help us buy this land and achieve our goal. 


Keep campaigning for wildlife! 

Help fund urgent campaign work

Building and development have already led to a big decline in wildlife habitats in Sussex – yet even more development is planned.

Sussex Wildlife Trust are asking for donations to help fund their Campaigns Team, who respond to planning applications as they arise, putting forward the case for wildlife and ensuring their voice gets heard.

Currently they have to dip into reserves, which in unsustainable.

Help Sussex to create a future for wildlife!




HS2: Wildlife In Crisis

Target: £17,500

HS2, the high speed railway that will link the north of England to London and the continent will pass directly through our county. It will also carve its way through over 25 sites that are important to wildlife. These sites are home to some of our most loved wildlife including barn owls, skylarks, hares, dormice and otters.

At this time of unprecedented crisis for wildlife we urgently need you to donate to our HS2 appeal so we can act as a voice for wildlife before it is too late. 


Defend Frays Farm Meadows from HS2


The proposed HS2 rail link between London and Birmingham is set to cut across the reserve.

Frays Farm Meadows supports what is probably the largest remaining sedge fen in London; a rare wet grazing meadow that is home to species such as water vole (a protected species), snipe and slow-worm. The proposed haulage road would slice across the northern boundary of the site, destroying habitat and threatening the entire sedge-beds for which the meadows are designated.

Over the last sixteen years the Trust and volunteers have significantly enhanced the site's wildlife value, all of this is now at risk of being lost.


Keep Beavers in the Wild

Target: £54,000

For the first time since they were hunted to extinction in the 1700s, England has a wild beaver population in Devon, on the River Otter! Thanks to your support the beavers are here to stay but the hard work isn't over!

Devon Wildlife Trust will be monitoring the effects of beaver activity on the river. This will inform future decisions on the release of beavers in England so please do lend your support.

DWT must now fund a five year River Otter Beaver Trial and there are no public funds available so any amount that the public can donate will help!


Help secure the future of Gloucestershire’s wildflowers

Target: £15,000

Our wildflower meadows and grasslands are part of what makes Gloucestershire’s countryside so special. Sadly, many of our once common flowers have declined dramatically. A renewed conservation effort is urgently needed to ensure they don’t disappear altogether. We have ambitious plans to try to reverse this alarming decline but we need your support today to help secure the future of our beautiful wildflowers.

Almost 1 in 5 of England’s native plant species is under threat. Wildflowers which are often thought of as common or widespread across England, such as ragged robin, green-winged orchid and common rock-rose are now worryingly close to being listed as threatened*. Plants are a vital part of many of our ecosystems, with a host of wildlife dependent upon their survival


Last Red Squirrel


Save from extinction

Northumberland Wildlife Trust believes it can save the red squirrel from extinction in the North East by stopping the spread of grey squirrels and managing the woodland landscape together with communities and landowners.

But we can’t do it without your support. 




Target: £42,000

This new piece of land features towering ash trees rising up from the valley bottom and oak trees on the drier upper slopes.

Spring sees the ground covered by a lush carpet of wild garlic, bluebells, wood avens and wood anemones.

In order to purchase the extra land, Brecknock Wildlife Trust had to dig deep into their reserves. By giving a donation now you can ensure the Trust can support more projects in the future! 

South West Wales


Save a wildlife-rich meadow

Help the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales restore Carmel's meadows and hedgerows - home to dormice, orchids and bees - and bring out the full potential of this important site.

Path improvements and waymarking will also enable more visitors to experience the wildlife and rich history of the reserve.

Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire

Great Fen Project

Target: £182,000

A fantastic opportunity to transform 182 hectares of land at the heart of the Great Fen.

BCN Wildlife Trust must find £182,000 of match funding in order to be awarded with the generous grant of £1.89 million from The Heritage Lottery Fund.


Back to Life

Target: £200,000

We have just 6 months to raise £200,000 to complete the purchase of this wonderful woodland, adjacent to our Crews Hill nature reserve.

It’s over 20 years since the Trust last bought a substantial woodland and we now have the chance to secure the future of a very special one.

more information

Treasure Chest Appeal

These donations are unique because every £1 we receive from you will unlock an extra £9 from businesses in Surrey.

Every pound you give will boost our treasure chest and open up the fundraising opportunities we desperately need to continue caring for Surrey’s stunning wildlife and wild places.

Previous Treasure Chest donations have funded important projects such as saving the hazel dormouse, whose UK population had dropped a staggering 70% in the last 25 years.

Your donation could help a variety of projects in the future from protecting water voles, of which there are currently no known populations in Surrey, to improving some of Surrey’s rarest habitats and supporting the rich variety of wildlife that rely on them.  


Nower Wood: The Future


Can you help us urgently rebuild our flagship education centre next Summer?
Target: £70,000


Hidden amongst 81 acres of ancient woodland, our Educational Nature Reserve near Leatherhead is the heart of Surrey Wildlife Trust’s education programme. Since 1971, Nower Wood has inspired thousands of young people to understand, love and protect the natural world.

Unfortunately, our facilities are less spectacular. The Centre currently consists of a series of wooden huts, some of which were bought second-hand over 40 years ago. Sadly, they are no longer fit for purpose and are rotting away. There is now a real risk of the buildings becoming unsafe so we desperately need a new building to continue our vital education work.

We have been working extremely hard to raise the money needed but we now need a further £70,000 to help us make this incredible centre a reality. Your contribution will help us to continue to sow the seed of conservation in generations to come.


Support Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve 

At Foulshaw Moss whereimprovements and restoration work are needed.

Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve provides home to a vast array of fascinating wildlife and is one of just four sites in England where osprey can easily be viewed.

However, whilst it's one of the most exciting examples of raised mire in the UK, there are improvements and restoration work needed. Planting reed seedlings will create lagg fen habitat, an exceptionally rare habitat, sadly, almost completely lost from the UK. A habitat which will provide valuable breeding grounds for dragonflies and shelter for birds. Eventually, it might even provide additional sites for adolescent bitterns.

You ought be able to visit and enjoy this nature reserve and all of the wildlife it provides a home for. And we want to make this possible for you. But, at the same time as making it better for people to experience, the delicate habitat needs protecting. Boardwalk will stop it from being trampled underfoot. Can you help us achieve this?


The Great Heath Living Landscape

Target: £50,000

Help protect West Dorset’s magnificent meadows. By donating today you can help to maintain a unique grazing programme, protecting West Dorset’s picturesque but threatened grassland sites and allowing traditional wildflower meadows to flourish.

Thanks to a great response and support, the project now needs to raise only £19,000 more, but it is essential that this is raised as soon as possible to allow the grazing programme to continue.

North Wales 

Alun & Chwiler Living Landscape

Target: £65,000

The Rivers Alun (Alyn) and Chwiler (Wheeler) and their catchments support some of North-East Wales’s finest and most varied natural landscapes and species.

However, in order to achieve our initial vision for these two living, breathing valleys we need to raise £65,000 to secure a three-year project aimed at connecting habitats, reviving rarities and bringing communities together. 


Save Blackhouse Woods

Target: £200,000 by end Aug '15

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust needs to raise £200,000 by the end of August in order to secure the future of Blackhouse Wood, part of the Suckley ridge near Alfrick.

Already home to a variety of woodland wildlife, the 38.5 hectare woodland, has the potential to create one of the most important ecologically valuable blocks of woodland in Worcestershire.

Within the Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and along with Crews Hill, Blackhouse Wood will provide an oasis for wildlife and people alike.


Help barn owls to thrive in Cheshire

Help to support barn owls at Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Vulnerable to the impact of changes in agriculture, loss of feeding habitat and adverse weather, this much loved farmland bird has suffered a severe decline in Cheshire in the past century. Over time their hunting habitats and number of natural nesting sites have plummeted. Those that do remain exist in isolation, often separated by busy roads, making travel between hunting grounds and nest sites perilous.

Summer 2013 was the worst on record in recent times for barn owls in Cheshire, with just 19 pairs recorded, down 80% on the previous year. Although 2014 saw their numbers, thankfully, increase they’re still nowhere near the 1930s peak of 240 breeding pairs. We want to give them a fighting chance, but we desperately need your help to do that.


Sussex Downs


Target: £40,000

For the past fifty years, the Sussex Wildlife Trust have been battling to bring back some of the lost wildlife to the South Downs. We want more and more people to return to the Downs, bringing their children, to once again enjoy the wildlife that flourishes here.

However, the work is expensive: machinery and tools, contractors, fencing materials, vets’ bills, livestock and animal husbandry - it all adds up.

Please help us to raise £40,000 to continue to fund this work for the next three years.


Living Seas Appeal

Target: £15,000

Our North Sea is amazing. If we change the way we do things we can help it to recover and ensure that our marine wildlife thrives so that future generations can enjoy our marine heritage. Please be part of it. 

Read more about how you can help protect this incredible environment.


Help our Heathland Birds

Save iconic birds

Over the last 200 years, roughly 80% of the UK’s lowland heath has been lost. In Surrey alone, we lost a staggering 85% of our heaths during this time. Nightjar populations, another heathland species, declined massively throughout the 20th century due to the loss of habitat.

Please help us support some of Surrey’s most threatened wildlife. Your donation is so important to enable us to carry out our habitat restoration work, crucial to the survival of the Dartford Warbler and many other species.  


Help Save Rare Butterflies

Target: £20,000 

60% of monitored UK butterfly species have declined, including the Duke of Burgundy, small blue and dingy skipper. But these rare butterflies can be found at The Wildlife Trust’s Totternhoe nature reserve in Bedfordshire, where we are managing habitat especially for them. They rely on chalk grassland to feed and breed, but in recent years the quality and quantity of grassland has reduced. It is essential that we restore and link together areas of chalk grassland. Please make a donation towards vital habitat restoration.


Creating A Wildlife Haven

Target: £120,000 

Please help Avon Wildlife Trust celebrate Bristol’s year as European Green Capital in 2015 by creating a wildlife haven at the gateway to the city.

This project will convert a neglected former sports facility in the Avon Gorge into a wildlife haven of wildflower meadows, native woodland, hedgerows and ponds.

South and West Wales

Save Our Seabirds


Target: £10,000

Recent record-breaking storms have caused massive mortality of birds wintering at sea around the south coast of Britain, including our Skomer and Skokholm birds.

Skomer and Skokholm offer a safe haven for many marine birds and our research needs to continue to enable us to understand how we can continue to safeguard these species in the future. 

Please help us raise funds to continue vital research in understanding and solving the problems our seabirds are facing.


LCF x10 Appeal


Target: £200,000

Securing £200,000 will allow us to restore wetland habitats in and around Coventry, helping frogs, toads and newts that have declined dramatically in the region.

The funding will allow us to restore ancient hedgerows and woodlands in the Princethorpe area securing the future for the fragile wood white and white-letter hairstreak butterflies. We will also create and enhance habitat for water voles around Coventry and North Warwickshire.


You can protect nesting ospreys

Help to support ospreys at Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Please will you make a donation to protect the nesting ospreys at Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve? This webcam allows you to see in full colour, live action from the nest at any time of day or night (as you can see, something very special). Why not share this experience?

The cameras also give better protection to these rare and majestic birds and to their eggs and chicks. Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve is free to visit and you are welcome to come along.

For the first time, last year the adult birds successfully raised three healthy chicks. Your donation will give them the best chance to safely do so again. Not just this year but for years to come. Thank you.


Mini bus appeal



We urgently need your help to raise £30,000 to buy a minibus to reconnect children and young people with nature and inspire them to be custodians of our natural world.

In the age of the Internet, YouTube and smart TVs, do you ever feel that we are losing our connection with nature? That many people, especially children and young adults, simply aren't experiencing the great outdoors any more?

But there is something you can do. We are creatng a unique centre at Greystones Farm nature reserve, at Bourton-on-the-Water. The centre is designed to inspire children and young people who don't normally have the chance to experience nature. But there's just one piece of the jigsaw missing.

We urgently need your help to raise £30,000 to buy a minibus to bring visitors to Greystones. With a donation of £35 today, we could reach out to people young and old across the county, giving them an experience they will remember and treasure forever.


Coombe Bissett Land Purchase Appeal

We need your help to raise £185,000 to secure the sale

The land for sale includes part of a County Wildlife Site and an area of arable land - part of which has already been returned to chalk grassland. This purchase gives us a significant opportunity to build on our success in restoring chalk downland at our existing Coombe Bissett Down nature reserve.

By buying this land we will double the size of the existing nature reserve, reconnect two parts of the Homington and Coombe Bissett Downs SSSI and link the Coombe Bissett Down County Wildlife Site. It will become a strategically important large block of chalk downland. The new reserve will cover an area of 215 acres, provide ecological connectivity and further protect, maintain and enhance this internationally important habitat.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight

Protect our Pollinators


Bees need us....but not as much as we need them

Bees are big news - we're hearing more and more about the decline of bees not just in the UK but worldwide. 3 out of 27 species of our native bees have already gone extinct and there is a very real danger that we will lose even more.

One of the main causes of the decline in the number of bees, butterflies and other pollinators in the UK is the way that landscapes have been managed over the last 100 years. 97% of wildflower meadows have disappeared and intensive farming methods have dominated, making it increasingly difficult for our pollinators to find the food and shelter they need to thrive.

We need more people to help us protect and restore nature before it is too late.