Withdrawal Bill – let’s make sure our MPs know we care about legal protection of our wildlife and wild places

A healthy wildlife-rich natural world is not just valuable in its own right but is the foundation of our well-being and prosperity. We depend on it and it depends on us.

Vital laws that protect our wildlife and the health of our rivers and seas are at risk by our departure from the EU.

MPs are now reviewing the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and will be discussing possible changes to this legislation during its Report Stage on 16th and 17th January, before it moves on to the House of Lords.

The Withdrawal Bill ends our membership of the EU and aims to ensure that EU laws are carried into UK law; but the devil is in the detail.

What you can do to help

There are reals risks to wildlife from the Bill (we explain more about this below).We hope everyone who loves wildlife will let their MP know they want the Withdrawal Bill to keep the vital wildlife protections we have now for our wildlife and wild places. Please ask your MP to stand up for wildlife and work to improve the Withdrawal Bill at this important time. Thank you.


Risks within the Withdrawal Bill

  1. The Bill does not bring across the key environmental principles lying behind EU law or guarantee that wildlife laws will be brought across into UK statute in full (phrases like “where practical” offer too much flexibility).
  2. That those EU laws that do make it across in the UK rule books are at risk of being weakened or removed in future without Parliament having a say, as they will be Statutory Instruments, not primary legislation
  3. That even if EU laws come across and survive, there will need to be a massively powerful independent regulator able to fine the Government for breaking its own laws, replicating EU powers. Mr Gove has stated his commitment to this but we’d like an amendment in the Bill that ensures one is created.