Sefton Coast Recommended MCZ

Status: Potential T3 site

Common mussel bed (Credit Paul Naylor)Common mussel bed (Credit Paul Naylor)

Footprints from the Stone Age are found here... amazing!

Home to burrowing clams called piddocks.

An intertidal MCZ, Sefton Coast extends from Formby Point to Crosby Beach and covers an area of 13km2.

The exposed peat and clay beds in the MCZ are considered to be excellent examples of these rare habitats. It is home to burrowing clams called piddocks, as well as crabs, mussels, winkles and worms which are all important foods for other species.

These beds are also of great archaeological interest, as within them lie preserved human and animal footprints dating back to the Stone Age!

This site has been identified as being at risk by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee and Natural England due to the presence of sensitive features within the site.

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