North East of Farnes Deep Marine Conservation Zone

Status: protected


Plumose anemones (Credit Mark Thomas)Plumose anemones (Credit Mark Thomas)

Rocky areas are often hives of activity, dominated by attaching animals projecting upwards into the water to collect passing food particles.

Tall plumose anemones can be found to depths of 100 metres and reach up to 30cm in height.

This site was designated in 2013 to protect the sand and gravel habitats found in the area.

Originally called Rock Unique, this site has been renamed North East of Farnes Deep and is located 55km offshore from the Berwickshire coast. The seafloor reaches 50 metres in depth and consists mostly of a mosaic of sand interspersed with gravel and coarse sediments.

Species found here range from attached sea squirts, dead man’s fingers (a soft coral), sea urchins, tall plumose anemones and burrowing creatures such as peacock worms. Marine mammals are spotted all year round, including white-beaked dolphins, harbour porpoises and minke and humpback whales, alongside foraging grey seals from the Farne Islands.

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