Newquay and the Gannel recommended Marine Conservation Zone

MCZ Tranche 2

Sand eels (Credit Paul Naylor)Sand eels (Credit Paul Naylor)

The wealth of habitats here supports several important species such as crayfish and European eel.

Sandeels will hide within the sand and gravel here to avoid predators.

The suggested boundary of this recommended MCZ includes the Gannel estuary, stretching along its seaward boundary.

This area encompasses a number of different habitats, which includes intertidal rocky habitats, both fine and coarse intertidal sediment, coastal saltmarsh, saline reedbeds as well as subtidal habitats ranging from sands and gravels to rocky reef.

This wealth of habitats supports several important species such as the protected pink sea fan, crayfish and European eel. Other commercially important species include sandeels, which can be seen using the sand and gravel to avoid predators, and salmon, which migrate up the estuary to breed.


StatusThis recommended Marine Conservation Zone is under consideration for the second tranche of MCZs.

If designated, this site would be provide protection for a wide range of intertidal and subtidal habitats including rock and sand, as well as the rocky habitats, saltmarshes and reedbeds found within the estuary. It will also fill a gap in the network, providing important protection for the rare giant goby which is found here.

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Location map

Newquay and the Gannel recommended MCZ is located in the map below.

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