Mounts Bay recommended Marine Conservation Zone

MCZ Tranche 2

Common dolphin (Credit Cliff Benson)Common dolphin (Credit Cliff Benson)

This high energy environment is home to several important species such as seagrass, stalked jelly fish and crayfish.

Dolphin, porpoise and basking shark have all been recorded here.

Mounts Bay recommended MCZ stretches from the eastern side of the bay to encompass St Michael's Mount and the Marazion area.

A range of habitats can be found here but the most dominant is high energy rock and sand. This high energy environment is home to several important species such as seagrass, stalked jellyfish and crayfish, as well as being a well recognised area for dolphins, porpoises and basking sharks.

The area is adjacent to Newlyn: one of the country's largest fishing ports and home to many fishermen, who have been consulted on the positioning of this site.


StatusThis recommended Marine Conservation Zone is under consideration for the second tranche of MCZs.

If designated, this site should provide protection for a range of species and habitats including intertidal and subtidal sand, rock habitat and seagrass. The site should also provide important protection for the giant goby and there are indications that this is a key site for the stalked jellyfish with all three species recorded within the site. Designation of this site will therefore will an important gap in the network for stalked jellyfish.

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Mounts Bay recommended MCZ is located in the map below.

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