Greater Haig Fras Marine Conservation Zone

Status: protected


Jewel anemone (Credit Kat Sanders) Jewel anemone (Credit Kat Sanders)

A substantial area of rocky reef in the Celtic Sea supporting many plants and animals like this jewel anenone.

Greater Haig Fras is an isolated area 95km north-west of the Isles of Scilly in the Celtic Sea.

This area is particularly significant as it encompasses all of the Haig Fras, a geologically valuable,fully submersed outcrop of bedrock.

A range of important sediment habitats surround the Haig Fras. Partially embedded boulders and cobbles provide complex habitats for important marine species to shelter within and find food.

The Haig Fras rock complex is the only substantial area of rocky reef in the Celtic Sea beyond the coastal margin and supports a mosaic of plants and animals, including fantastic jewel anemones, the Devonshire cup corals and encrusting sponges.

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