Wildlife gardening factsheets and inspiration

A wildlife hotel Creating wildlife features for your garden can be fun!

Find out how to sow a wildflower meadow, plant a tub which will help bees or make a pond in a pot with our factsheets - and be inspired by some winning examples too!

If you want to enjoy the chirrup of birdsong, the red faces of goldfinch as they land to pick the seeds from a strategically sown teasel, or the beauty of a butterfly border, the ideas below will provide you with a fantastic range of practical advice.

You'll be amazed at the number of ways that you can make space for wild plants and animals in your garden, terrace or window ledge. You might like to begin by browsing the stories behind the winners of the Big Garden Wildlife competition!


Hedges For Wildlife

Why have a plain fence, when you could have a living boundary?

Making Compost

Making your own garden compost is great fun and easy to do!


Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is the most natural way of gardening. Find out more!


Pest or Guest

Is there really such a thing as a garden pest? Find out more in this factsheet.


Snail and Slug Control

Read up on wildlife friendly control methods for snails and slugs.


Wildflower Meadow

Wildflowers can be grown at home, even by those without a lawn!


Cunning Containers

Hanging baskets, planters and window boxes for the wildlife garden.

Furry Furniture

Mammals have a hard time in our concrete world. Your garden can help!

Wildlife Pond Pack

Designing, building and maintaining a garden wildlife pond.

Trees and Shade Plants

How to plant a wildlife-rich shady area in your garden.


Butterfly Gardening

Hints and tips for attracting butterflies to the garden.


Creature Features

Help animals to survive the winter in your garden!


Feeding Garden Birds

How to attract birds to your garden and help them to thrive.


Coastal Garden

Read about how to garden successfully in coastal environments.


Garden Bumblebees

Learn how to attract bumblebees and make artificial nest sites.


Basically Boxes Pt1

Making and installing nest boxes for birds in the garden.


Basically Boxes Pt2

Making and installing bat boxes in the garden.