Online Water Vole Sighting Form



Tell us about your sightings by completing this online survey form. This information is used to target surveys and inform us about water voles at our reserves which have remained undiscovered.

To enter multiple records offline and send by email, download our excel or CSV spreadsheet from the sidebar and follow the instructions included.




We may need to contact you about your sighting.

Please provide the name of reserve at which the watervole was observed.

If you know which compartment you saw the watervole in, please enter that here too. 

Please provide a 6 or even an 8 figure grid reference for the record.

If you are unsure of how to take a grid reference, you can use this Grid Reference Finder.

If you had to send off a specimen, or someone else identified the species seen, then please enter their name here.

Please let us know how many you saw, for example 1, 5, 20-30, 100+. If unsure, please provide your best estimate and let us know in the comments.

Please indicate only if known e.g. Male, Female, Juvenile etc. Providing this information will help us to qualify what you have seen.

Please indicate here if the record is an estimate.

You can also provide other relevant information. For example: vole was demonstrating particular behaviour, feeding on a particular plant.