Help the Prime Minister see stars this summer

Hollywood may have its 'Walk of Fame' but the real stars of the show this summer are to be spotted around the UK coast.

With a shoal of events on offer - ranging from rockpool rambles to seaside strolls along the strandline - The Wildlife Trusts’ focus is on five of the 13 starfish species which can be seen around the UK coast; the common, spiny, brittle, bloody Henry starfish and the cushion star.  See what they look like here.

That's because throughout the summer, The Wildlife Trusts are asking children to write to the Prime Minister, David Cameron MP, asking him to protect our seas and sea life.  

Pupils pledge their support by sending him a starfish, in a bid to get more special places at sea protected, through the designation of Marine Conservation Zones.

The Government has already chosen 27 Marine Conservation Zones, which are a bit like nature reserves at sea.  There are now plans to protect a further 37 sites and we want you to pledge your support by sending the Prime Minister a starfish.

Cut out, colour in and write your name on the starfish asking David Cameron MP to save our seas.  Let’s show him how much we care!  Download and print off your starfish

Fancy designing your own starfish?

Play our new 'Design a starfish' game.  There are many interesting features to consider.  

How many arms will it have, what shape will it be, what colour and how spiky?  

What will your starfish look like?

Design your own starfish

Too rainy to go to the beach?

Why not practice spotting and identifying UK starfish species with our stargazing game?  

Stars like to stay well hidden so keep your eyes peeled!  

Play our 'Let's go stargazing' game