Great places to see: Wildflower meadows

Daisies (c) Rachel ScopesDaisies (c) Rachel Scopes

Alive with colour and the sounds of busy insects, wildflower meadows are iconic summer scenes.

Wildflower meadows from around The Wildlife TrustsTraditional hay meadows are one of the UK's symbols of the countryside. Yet these habitats have been prone to disappear at an alarming rate, and it's now estimated that less than 5% of this precious habitat remains. 

The Wildlife Trusts are passionate about restoring wildflower-rich meadows, and for good reason. They support nationally scare and declining species of flowering plant, as well as a busy insect fauna and a community of other animals besides. The precise habitat requirements for many of these specialists are often found nowhere else, making nature reserves the last refuges for some of our best loved or most unusual flowers.

Download our guide to 40 Wildlife Trust reserves where you can appreciate these stunning tapestries of colour and scent.


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