Great places to see: Otters

Otters playing (c) Margaret HollandOtters playing (c) Margaret Holland

Here we share some top tips for great places to look for otters. But shhh - keep them a secret...

With more and more otters to be found across the UK, sometimes in some rather surprising places, the chances of spotting an otter have never been better. They have been returning to traditional lowland haunts and establishing themselves firmly in busy urban centres, often becoming used to people and active in broad daylight.

Here we share some examples of Wildlife Trust nature reserves where your chances of glimpsing this secretive mammal might be better than usual. Many of these sites report regular otter sightings, plenty of signs or even recorded footage. While we cannot guarantee a visit will result in a sighting, these reserves are worth exploring all the same! 

Please remember that otters are highly sensitive animals – disturbing otters or their habitat is an offence under the Wildlife & Countryside Act so tread carefully and quietly.

Here are some of our tips for spotting an otter.

Download our guide to some of our best kept secrets below.....


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