Badger vaccination to take place in Wales

Tuesday 20th March 2012

Image credit: Jon BowenImage credit: Jon Bowen

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales welcomes today’s decision by Welsh Environment Minister John Griffiths to pursue vaccination of badgers in the control of bovine TB this summer.

This decision is supported by the long-term research from the Independent Scientific Group that identified the culling of badgers would not make a meaningful contribution in the management of bovine TB.

State funded vaccination of badgers is a progressive approach to disease control and will be a leading example to the rest of Britain on how this terrible disease can be eradicated.

Whilst appreciating that some farmers have been through an appalling experience, The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales feels that vaccination of badgers alongside movement control and appropriate management will see the end of this awful disease.

One of the main reserves for the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, Teifi Marshes, was within the area identified for culling where there are buffalo on the reserve which are subject to TB testing. The Trust is keen to engage with the Welsh Government’s vaccination programme and will assist in the implementation of this.

This is a long-term view which will in the end benefit both farmers and the fantastic wildlife of which Wales can be justifiably proud.

Sarah Kessell, CEO of Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, said: “As landowners and animal managers ourselves we welcome vaccination as the best approach for all.”

Rachel Sharp, CEO of Wildlife Trusts Wales said: “This decision opens the way for Wales to initiate a full scale vaccination programme that in the longer term will prove both sustainable and effective.”


More information

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