Great progress has been made towards protecting our seas, but we need more Marine Conservation Zones. Your voice will make a difference.

In recent years we've made great progress towards protecting our seas. But we still need more areas at sea where wildlife and seabed habitats are fully protected. Places where damaging types of fishing and development don't happen: Marine Conservation Zones. In 2018 the government will launch a public consultation into creating more Marine Conservation Zones in the seas around England. This is an unprecedented opportunity to designate a further set of new protected areas at sea and we need your support to make sure this happens. The campaign starts here!

At sea, just like on land, nature needs our protection and help to recover from years of damage and decline. Marine Conservation Zones are areas at sea where damaging activities are restricted and special wildlife and parts of the seabed - including undersea canyons and magnificent mud plains - are given protection and a chance to recover.

In recent years much progress has been made (read the story so far here), with 50 Marine Conservation Zones now set up in English waters. And similar protected areas are being created in the seas around Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, there are still huge areas of the seas around England where there is no protection at all. These 'gaps' need filling to create a network of Marine Conservation Zones that covers enough of our seas to provide effective protection for wildlife. We're not there yet.

The Government has committed to creating more Marine Conservation Zones by 2019. We are recommending a further 48 areas for protection – we believe this is the minimum requirement.

Read our report to Government on the case for more Marine Conservation Zones here.  


Marine Conservation Zones in England: current and potential


in Tranche 1

in Tranche 2

offshore sites

for Tranche 3


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We need your help

The Government will run a public consultation on which of these sites to designate in 2018 - when we'll need your help to ensure these special sites get the protection they deserve. Sign up to help protect our seas today by becoming a Friend of Marine Conservation Zones here. You’ll receive regular emails letting you know how you can help to protect our seas.

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