Woodland and forestry

Silver-washed fritillary (c) Don Sutherland compTo achieve our vision of A Living Landscape we are working to secure the best use and management of all land, including forests and woodlands. Our forests are an important element of what needs to become a resilient ecological network across the UK. 

We want to see our wonderful woodlands safeguarded and certain conifer plantations restored to their original wildlife-rich state of heathland, bog or ancient wood.

Woodland and trees can help wildlife and people adapt to climate change whether through providing shade in our cities or through storing water in the uplands to reduce flooding. Sustainably managed woodland is also a key source of renewable materials – wood, charcoal, fencing materials and more.

Our native woodland is highly diverse – from wet woodlands of alder and willow in floodplains to the Caledonian pinewoods of Scotland, along with all the open habitats of grassland, marshland and heathland that permeate a natural forest.


What we do for woodlands

Emma Bradshaw

We've been working to protect, restore and influence the management of woodlands since the 1950s. See examples from across the UK...

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Woodlands past and present

Paul Lane

The widespread devastation of many habitats, including woodlands, was one of the reasons why many Wildlife Trusts were formed

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Independent Panel on Forestry

Paul Lane

The recommendations of the Panel will shape the future direction of forestry and woodland policy in England

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