Forest of Arden

Arden - Draycote Meadows - I JelleyArden - Draycote Meadows - I Jelley

developing local partnerships will be crucial to success

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust 

On the western side of the county lies the historic Forest of Arden landscape. This former wood pasture and ancient grassland is the only area of ancient countryside in Warwickshire and now lies in a fragmented state.

This is the most wooded part of the county and part of it forms an important buffer between the two growth areas of Birmingham and Coventry. Characteristics of the area are the mosaic of habitats, in particular the small hedged fields, concentrations of small woodlands and ponds, sinuous small river valleys and remnant heathland. It has a strong sense of place and a feeling of naturalness.

What’s happening?

As this is such a large area, the Trust has subdivided it into North Arden, Central Arden, Arden Pastures, and West Arden to help focus priorities and develop clusters of sites and partners. A partnership has been developed on the edge of Solihull around Earlswood. There are numerous private landowners, and developing local partnerships to bring a common approach to key management work will be crucial to success.

By retaining pastoral agricultural management, restoring flower-rich grassland, encouraging sympathetic woodland, hedgerow and pond restoration and management, this special landscape can be restored and connectivity re-established.

Henry Lucas, a farmer in the Warwickshire Arden area said ‘Farming over the centuries has created much of the landscape that everyone now enjoys. As a farmer I relish the opportunity to work closely with those outside farming that enjoy the countryside to create an even richer wildlife tapestry and to provide a fair and sustainable return for those working on the land’.

A high population lives around this area and there are many villages and townships within it. The engagement of residents and visitors as well as land managers is of high importance.

Start date: 2008


Trust reserves within the scheme

Shadowbrook Meadows SSSI, Deans Green and Temple Balsall


This scheme is helping species including...

Barn owl, hedgehog, common frog, bats, song thrush, scarce arable plants


Current threats to the landscape

Habitat fragmentation

This scheme is also...

Improving access for people, encouraging green tourism, providing health benefits and environmental education

To find out more

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