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Protect the wildlife you love, for future generations

Climbing trees... splashing in puddles... following a bumble bee.... 

We believe every child should have the opportunity to experience nature as they grow up. But this can only happen if we protect wild places today for future generations.

The Wildlife Trusts care for over 2,300 nature reserves across the UK. Most people live within a few miles of one of our nature reserves, where they can explore and enjoy wildlife in all its glory throughout the year. 

How a gift in your will can help

Leaving a gift in your will to the Wildlife Trusts, no matter the size, makes a difference and helps protect wildlife for the future.

All Wildlife Trusts work in partnership, so you can support places that are special to you across the UK. Be it where you explored as a child, spent time on your holidays, or live now.

The Pumlumon Project

Supported by legacies, the Pumlumon Project is a pioneering, science-based project to revive the ecology and economy of the Welsh uplands.
Imagine finding a whole new way of living in harmony with nature. A way that gives us more of the things we need - viable local economies, beautiful landscapes, abundant wildlife, clean water, carbon storage; and less of the things we don't - urban flooding, species decline, soil erosion, faltering rural businesses.

Established in 2007, the Pumlumon Project is a radical rethink of how the landscapes of upland Britain could work. Across 40,000 hectares of the Cambrian Mountains, Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust are pioneering an upland economy built around wildlife, ecology and long-term sustainability. Within five years the Trust have demonstrated, using good science and economic analysis, how large-scale ecological restoration can bring economic, social and environmental benefits.

The project has re-wetted bogs, connected existing habitats, improved flood water management, initiated Local Grazing Schemes, created new and restored existing habitat, improved access and involved the local community – all thanks to legacy gifts.

How others have helped

Thank you to Tessa

Tessa Wilson’s legacy is an extremely powerful one. As an amateur botanist with a special interest in wild flower conservation, Tessa realised the importance of Waitby Greenriggs, Cumbria, for rare flowers such as orchids and Grass-of-Parnassus.

Thanks to Tessa’s discovery, the area is now a nature reserve and thanks to a gift in her Will she will continue to support wild flower conservation for years to come.

Tessa’s kind gift is helping to create a new wild flower meadow at Eyecott Hill Nature Reserve, Cumbria, so every year more and more people will see her passion and generosity in full bloom.


 Thank you to Bill and Margaret 

We cannot thank Bill and Margaret Walton enough.

For years they were committed members of North Wales Wildlife Trust and they were even honorary wardens at Cors Goch nature reserve in Anglesey.

There, they exercised their shared passions for botany, birds and butterflies.

Bill and Margaret kindly left a gift to North Wales Wildlife Trust, so now, thanks to them, the wildlife that they cared for so much will be protected for years to come.

Our promise

• We recognise your loved ones come first in your will.

• We will treat you fairly and we won’t intrude on your privacy.

• We will never ask you the size or type of your legacy, because every gift makes a difference.

• We understand that circumstances change and there may be a time where you need to take the Wildlife Trusts out of your will.

• We promise to use your gift wisely, in line with your wishes.

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