Adopt a seal

Common seal (Image: Elliot Kneep)

Sponsor a common seal with Hampshire and Isle of White Wildlife Trust

Price: £20
What you'll receive: A gift card including a picture, some notes about harbour seals and a certificate of sponsorship.
Additional: A small but regionally significant population of harbour seals live in Chichester Harbour. This population is unique, being the only one known in the Eastern English Channel. Harbour seals are a protected species but even so we know very little about the Chichester Harbour population. Without knowledge of their feeding, resting and breeding habits we cannot adequately protect them. Sponsoring a harbour seal will help us to monitor their movements and distribution so we can ensure vital feeding and resting areas are protected.


Adopt a Seal with The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

Price: £25 
What you'll receive: A welcome letter, adoption certificate, fact sheet on your adopted animal and soft toy. 
Additional: Seals on Skomer Island produce pups in the autumn months, which the Trust monitors closely to see how the populations are doing. Thankfully, the Trust has a healthy population but your adoption of a seal will help their work in continuing to protect and monitor these wonderful animals.
Contact: Call 01656 724100 or email