Adopt a seal

Common seal (Image: Elliot Kneep)

Adopt a Seal with Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Price: £15 adoption / £30 Friend of... 
What you'll receive: Welcome letter and silver adoption certificate, profile and photograph of your adopted seal, seal photograph collage and seal activities for children. Invitations to seal group meetings and lots more seal information.
Additional: Your money will contribute towards seal pup watches and rescues, assisting with the release of rehabilitated seals and pioneering, in-depth research to track and learn more about seal behaviour and how climate change is affecting their habitat. Cornwall Seal Group will use 75% of your money to continue seal research work. The remaining 25% will be used by Cornwall Wildlife Trust for marine conservation work in Cornwall.
Contact: Call (01736) 754562

Sponsor a common seal with Hampshire and Isle of White Wildlife Trust

Price: £20
What you'll receive: A gift card including a picture, some notes about harbour seals and a certificate of sponsorship.
Additional: A small but regionally significant population of harbour seals live in Chichester Harbour. This population is unique, being the only one known in the Eastern English Channel. Harbour seals are a protected species but even so we know very little about the Chichester Harbour population. Without knowledge of their feeding, resting and breeding habits we cannot adequately protect them. Sponsoring a harbour seal will help us to monitor their movements and distribution so we can ensure vital feeding and resting areas are protected.


Adopt a Seal with The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

Price: £25 
What you'll receive: A welcome letter, adoption certificate, fact sheet on your adopted animal and soft toy. 
Additional: Seals on Skomer Island produce pups in the autumn months, which the Trust monitors closely to see how the populations are doing. Thankfully, the Trust has a healthy population but your adoption of a seal will help their work in continuing to protect and monitor these wonderful animals.
Contact: Call 01656 724100 or email