Adopt a seal

Grey seal on the beachGrey seal (credit Neil Aldridge)

Adopt a Seal with Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Price: £15 per annum (ordinary scheme)
What you get:
Adopt the seal of your choice
Price: £30 per annum (friend scheme)
What you receive:
Colour photograph of the pup of one of the seals
Invitation to join a Seal Watch
More Information: 01872 273939

Sponsor a common seal with Hampshire and Isle of White Wildlife Trust

Price: £20
A small but regionally significant population of common seals live in Chichester Harbour. This population is unique, being the only one known in the Eastern English Channel. Common seals are a protected species but even so we know very little about the Chichester Harbour population. Without knowledge of their feeding, resting and breeding habits we cannot adequately protect them. Sponsoring a common seal costs £20 and will help us to monitor their movements and distribution so we can ensure vital feeding and resting areas are protected. Sponsors receive a gift card including a picture, some notes about common seals and a certificate of sponsorship.
More information: 01489 774400

Adopt a Seal with The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

Price: £25 per annum
What you receive: Seal soft toy, seal fact sheet, adoption certificate and a photograph of your seal
Additional: Our grey seal supporters will help fund one of the longest running Grey Seal studies in the world. The study aims each year to record the number of seal pups born on Skomer island and to follow each one through its’ early life, thus determining the survival rate of the pups and working out the cause of fatalities. As well as this, incidences of disturbance, pollution and marine littering are recorded, cleaned up where possible and any effects on the seals studied.