Adopt a dormouse

Dormouse (Image: Danny Green)

Devon Wildlife Trust

Price: £20
What you'll receive: A welcome letter, a fluffy toy, a factsheet about the species and an adoption certificate. If the adoption is for a child they will receive a fun activity book and colouring pencil set, in addition to the above.
Additional: The dormouse has become extinct in seven counties in the UK, but Devon is a stronghold - many of our nature reserves offer ideal conditions for these animals. DWT regularly monitors dormouse populations and works Contact info: Call 01392 279244

Gwent Wildlife Trust

Price: £10
What you'll receive: A small 5x7” wildlife print in a festive folder with your message on the back. They will also receive a letter detailing the work that we do and how the Gift for Nature will be used. Increase the gift to £50 and we’ll include a stunning 10x18” canvas print of a wildflower meadow, woodland or landscape.
Additional: The UK dormouse population has halved in the last hundred years, and they are found in fewer places. Your gift will help to manage the woodlands where this shy creature lives, as well as to monitor their population and protect them from harmful developments.
Contact info: Call 01600 740600

North Wales Wildlife Trust

Price: £15 including postage and packing within the UK
What you'll receive: Your gift pack contains a personalised adoption certificate, Dormouse gift card, Dormouse factsheet and a Hazel nut detective key.
Additional: Dormice are located mainly in the southern United Kingdom, but do occur in scattered populations further north, with a large population near Ruthin, North Wales. Other local populations include the Chwiler Valley in Flintshire, Bontuchel in Denbighshire, Conwy and Corris. The adoption will help conserve and benefit Dormice populations across North Wales and the habitats they are found in.
Contact info: Call 01248 351541 or email

Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Price: £20
What you'll receive: A gift certificate, a photograph and an illustrated factsheet, packed with interesting information.
Contact info: Email or call 01743 284280

Somerset Wildlife Trust

Price: £20
What you'll receive: An information sheet and glossy photo, along with your choice of greetings card. We can even send it direct to your recipient if you prefer.
Additional: A great gift for sleepy family and friends who struggle to get out of bed. Dormice are one of the UK’s rarest and most secretive mammals but our nature reserves provide a safe place for these sleepy little creatures. Help us protect these vulnerable animals through the traditional management of local woodlands, hazel coppicing, and by putting up dormouse boxes for nesting and surveys. Your gift will help us protect vulnerable wildlife and preserve wild places in Somerset.
Contact info: Call 01823 652400

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

Price: £20 including postage and packing within the UK
What you'll receive: A photograph of a dormouse, adoption certificate, dormouse fact sheet, a fun 'pop-up' of your chosen species to make and colouring sheets if the adoption is for a child.
Contact info: Call 01905 754919