It can be difficult to know the most suitable way to manage land for the benefit of wildlife. We're here to help with that!

With the aim to spread land management advice to more landowners we have gathered information, leaflets and advice pages from some of the 47 Wildlife Trust’s providing this service throughout the UK.

Managing land for the benefit of wildlife is highly important and we aim to show landowners just how easy it can be and how much of a difference they will make to their local wildlife.

We own and manage 20 working farms across the UK, from lowland arable to upland hill farms. We use these to demonstrate wildlife-friendly farming methods and several are managed in partnership with local farmers. 

Click on the links above to access resources which will help landowners of many different lanscapes and land types to help wildlife by following simple and easy steps.

General advice

For some general advice on land management, have a look at the links below. 

Isle of Scily Wildlife Trust - how we manage our land:

Isle of Scily Wildlife Trust discuss the various ways they manage their land, the different types of land they manage and why it is important that they do this. 

These frequently asked questions are a great way to learn more about how a Trust is actively helping to restore and protect land.




Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust - working with landowners:

Read about how Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust are working with local landowners and farmers. These partnerships are essential to protect land and ensure the future of wildlife. 

There are links to several case studies of interest to show exactly how these partnerships have been put into practice.