How to respond to the National Planning Policy Framework consultation

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Don't be daunted by this consultation on national planning policy rules. Our guide below should help you. Your opinion matters and you can make all the difference now.

You can get involved in two ways. Either you can complete the Government's online survey (see below), or you can send an email to You don’t have to answer all of the questions – you can pick the issues that matter most to you, and we’ve given you some guidance below on what we think are the most important risks to wildlife.

The online survey can be found here.

A fuller set of our views can be found here

Q2 –  Local Wildlife Sites need to be included in the list of things which provide a specific reason for restricting development. They're one of the last refuges for wildlife and are hugely important for people and wildlife and need protection under the planning system.

Q6 – This consultation is lacking important strategic policies on conservation and that the enhancement of the natural environment needs to be ‘spatially planned’

Q20 – There isn't any reference to the importance of local access to nature in promoting healthy communities; people need nature to feel happier and healthier and this is a right that everyone should have

Q35 –
• The government has included a requirement for policies and decisions to provide net gain for biodiversity – more wildlife after the development than before. Stronger wording would require Local Authorities to map a Nature Recovery Network
• There is a recommendation that existing sites designated for biodiversity, wildlife corridors and stepping stones should be mapped - this is a great opportunity!
• Local Wildlife Sites need to be specifically included in the sites that should be identified and mapped as components of local wildlife-rich habitats
• It is suggested that only sites for habitat restoration or creation that are identified by local partnerships should be added to this map - this can be challenged. This is because local partnerships may not exist in all areas, not have sufficient resources to do this work, which should be carried out by the local authority.

You can complete the online survey or complete a response form. If you choose to fill in a response form, you send it in via email or post.

Email it to

Send to Planning Policy Consultation Team
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