Fulmar recommended Marine Conservation Zone

Potential Tranche 2

Fulmar (Credit George Stoyle)Fulmar (Credit George Stoyle)

Fulmar is one of the deepest recommended MCZs found within the northern North Sea.

Fulmar is located 224km offshore from the Northumberland coast and is the most northerly MCZ within the North Sea.


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Reaching between 50 - 100 metres deep, it is also one of the deepest recommended MCZs found within the northern North Sea.

The seafloor consists mostly of sand and gravel with some patches of coarse sediment. This provides an ideal home for creatures to bury themselves, like the ocean quahog. This long lived bivalve mollusc is often preyed upon by North Sea cod.

Camouflaged against the surface of the seafloor, the undulate ray is a regular visitor. Fulmar, as its name suggests, is an important area for seabirds providing foraging grounds for northern fulmars and northern gannets.

StatusThis recommended Marine Conservation Zone is under consideration for the second tranche of MCZs

Defra have indicated that this site is now under consideration for tranche two and will potentially be included in the formal consultation at the beginning of 2015. Defra will now working to verify the evidence base for this site and will be looking to engage with stakeholders on both a local and national level to refine information about the site. If designated, this site would contribute the largest area of subtidal sand out of all MCZs. There are also records of basking sharks and cetaceans within the site and of foraging seabirds, including common guillemot and black-legged kittiwake.

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