Cumbria Coast Marine Conservation Zone

Status: protected


Common Starfish (Credit Paul Naylor)Common Starfish (Credit Paul Naylor)

Rock pools are home to many different species of marine life which are well adapted to this dynamic habitat.

England’s only breeding colony of back guillemots live here.

The Cumbria Coast was designated as a Marine Conservation Zone in 2013 to protect a wide range of habitats found within the site, including honeycomb worm reefs and rock habtiats.

The rocky scar that is St Bees Head provides a unique habitat in the north-west, hosting a variety of fascinating species. Designation of this MCZ will help to protect the headland’s biodiversity and retain the character that makes it so special.

The sandy seafloor off the Cumbria Coast has rich communities of burrowing animals and provides a feeding ground to the 10,000 pairs of breeding seabirds nesting at St Bees Head.

Other nearby MCZs

Mud Hole

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