Ask your MP to sign the Environment Pledge for strong wildlife protection after Brexit.

Your voice can make the difference

Ask your MP to make a Pledge for the Environment

We're asking all MPs to make a Pledge for the Environment - to commit to creating a future rich in wildlife. You can ask them to make this pledge, too. Let your MP know that this matters to you by tweeting them or printing off this PDF, and asking your MP to sign it and then return it to this email address:  


1. Tweet your MP

Is your MP on Twitter? Are you? If so, why not send them a tweet direct to their Twitter handle. Include a relevant photo (perhaps a lush, diverse and wild landscape within your constituency) and tell them why you love this place or why nature deserves the highest level of protection. You can find a helpful list of MPs on Twitter here. Use #GreenerUK 


2. Write to your MP

Spend some time writing a letter to your MP, either by email, typed up or even handwritten (that personal touch will mean a lot). You could tell them about a special memory you have of wildlife or wild places, or even better, let them know about a local place or species that has recovered because of EU legislation. We have case studies here if you get stuck.  Remember to send them a copy of the Pledge and ask them to sign it.


3. Set up a meeting 

By letting your MP know how much nature matters, you'll be standing up for the wildlife and wild places that are precious to you. MPs appreciate the personal touch from their constituents, so a face-to-face meeting is the best way to make your voice heard. They'll remember you and your passion for wildlife. All MPs have ‘surgeries’ to meet constituents; this could be to ask them to support a campaign, like Pledge for the Environment. You can check online to see when your surgery is and, if necessary, to book an appointment. Don't forget to print off the Pledge and ask them to sign it!
You can see if your MP has taken the Pledge for the Environment here. If you get a moment, please let us know if you contact your MP - and what they say! That way we can say thank you to you and them properly.
If you get stuck or want any more information, contact Lucy or Haley on


What is Pledge for the Environment?

The Wildlife Trusts is one of a group of organisations unified by our desire for a thriving natural world and a greener, healthier society and economy: the Green Alliance. We believe that, following the EU referendum, the UK should set out its stall as a world leader on the environment. To help make this a reality, we are calling on all MPs to support the below ‘Pledge for the Environment':


I believe that following the EU referendum, the UK government, working with administrations in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh, must build a healthy and prosperous future for all. This means a thriving natural world on land and at sea, clean air and water, communities connected to nature, and a sustainable economy.


For the wellbeing of my constituents, for people at home and abroad, and for future generations who will depend on a flourishing and secure planet, I will do everything in my power to:


  • Establish the UK as a world leader on the environment by committing to match or exceed current environmental, wildlife and habitat protections.
  • Ensure the UK leads on climate change by publishing robust low carbon investment plans and ratifying the Paris Agreement this year.
  • Create a countryside richer in nature by supporting farmers and landowners to deliver environmental benefits alongside a thriving farming sector.

Remember, when contacting your MP…

  • Be positive, passionate and polite
    Your MP will appreciate being addressed like anyone else – politely and positively. Focus on why you love wildlife and what wild places mean to to you. Always thank them for their time, too!
  • Make it personal
    Your MP wants to know what you think, so keep it personal. Don’t worry about being too technical (that’s our job!): your voice matters more
  • Go local
    As a constituent, your MP will value your opinion far more than any organisation. By making your meeting or letter relevant to your local area, you'll make an amazing impression on your MP
  • Know your stuff
    In case you need a bit of a helping hand with information, we've pulled together a useful guide to current EU environmental laws, as well as some case studies that may be helpful  
  • Be clear what you want them to do
    Make it clear that you want your MP to make take the Pledge for the Environment. We'll be keeping an eye on who has signed up and you'll be able to check if your MP has made the pledge here