Take action for badgers

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Be an advocate for badgers today

1. Contact your MP

Contact your local MP, urging them to attend the parliamentary debate on the 27th March put pressure on the Government to find new sources of vaccine and drop the cull. We have our briefing for MPs prepared here, that you can download and send to your MP ahead of the debate, urging them to drop the cull. 


2. Contact your MEP

Email your MEP to press for the EU ban on a cattle vaccine to be lifted.


3. Experience the magic of seeing a badger

Celebrate these wonderful creatures by seeing them in the wild. Set up a night-watch on a sett and be enchanted by badgers merrily going about their business. Go to one of our badger watching events for some of the best opportunities to see them and watch their fascinating behaviour.


4. Help us achieve more for badgers

Please consider becoming a member of your local Wildlife Trust and making a donation to help fund our campaign for a more durable and resilient strategy to reduce bovine TB. 

The Wildlife Trusts and the badger cull

The Wildlife Trusts have been working on the issue of bovine TB and its links to badgers for many years.

We act based on robust scientific analysis and we believe that the distress of bovine TB will not be eradicated by a badger cull. It is not the answer for badgers or farmers and we call on the government to focus on a more durable and resilient strategy to reduce bovine TB.

Find out more about our position on the badger culls.

Download the MP briefing here:



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