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The Wildlife Trusts believe that cattle measures should be at the centre of efforts to tackle bovine tuberculosis (TB), alongside a strategic programme of badger vaccination.


Watch a badger vaccination filmIn the longer term cattle vaccination will have a vital role to play but it is not yet available. However, a vaccine for badgers is available now and has the potential to help reduce bTB without the negative impacts of perturbation arising from a badger cull. A number of Wildlife Trusts are carrying out badger vaccination programmes and they need your support. Each dose of badger vaccine costs £5; every trap £100. Staff time to carry out the baiting of traps and injections is also a significant cost.

Vaccination of badgers could help to reduce the spread of bovine TB. Recent studies have shown that vaccinating more than a third of adult badgers in a social group can reduce the risk to unvaccinated cubs by 79%.


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Read our badger vaccination progress report.

More on badgers and bTB


Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust began a five year vaccination programme in 2011 and have published a report on the findings from their first year.





Dorset Wildlife Trust is trying to raise £45,500 to vaccinate badgers on several of their nature reserves. 





Cheshire Wildlife Trust began a five year vaccination programme at Bickley Hall Farm - the Trust's headquarters - in 2012.  In 2013, the programme was expanded in partnership with neighbouring Shropshire Wildlife Trust to vaccinate badgers on privately-owned farms. 


Shropshire Wildlife Trust started a five-year programme of badger vaccination in 2012, as part of a cross-border project with Cheshire Wildlife Trust.  The Trust has also hosted a 'Badgers and bTB' forum to bring people together to discuss the latest research and share their experiences.


South and West Wales

South and West Wales Wildlife Trust are working with the Welsh Assembly Government to vaccinate badgers in Pembrokeshire.





Somerset Wildlife Trust aims to vaccinate badgers located on Trust reserves within the buffer zone of the pilot cull area. 






Warwickshire Wildlife Trust started vaccinating badgers at Brandon Marsh - the Trust's headquarters - in 2012.  The project is now in its third year and has extended to a further three sites.







In 2013, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust began a five-year badger vaccination programme on two of its nature reserves.







Hampshire & Isle of Wight

Badger photo by Dr David Williams

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust have raised £45,500 for a five-year programme of badger vaccination.  The Trust successfully vaccinated badgers on four reserves identified as the highest risk areas for bTb in October 2013.  From Spring 2014, we will be working on badgers in 40 setts across 16 reserves.  We are currently working on detailed costings and a work plan for this activity across a five year programme.


In 2014, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust embarked on a five-year programme of strategic badger vaccination on its reserves and in partnership with neighbouring landowners.




Leicestershire and Rutland 

Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust began a small-scale badger vaccination programme in 2013 and needs to raise £30,000.





Berks, Bucks and Oxon (BBOWT)

In 2012 BBOWT started a five year programme of badger vaccination on Chimney Meadows nature reserve. This is carried out by the Oxfordshire Badger Group and will continue in addition to the BBOWT vaccination programme on nature reserves in west Oxfordshire.