Support our badger vaccination programmes

The Wildlife Trusts believe that biosecurity and vaccination should be at the centre of efforts to tackle bovine tuberculosis (TB) rather than a badger cull.


Watch a badger vaccination filmIn the longer term cattle vaccination will have a vital role to play, but it is not yet available. However, a vaccine for badgers is available now and has the potential to help reduce bTB without the negative impacts of perturbation arising from a badger cull. A number of Wildlife Trusts are carrying out badger vaccination programmes, but they need your support. Each badger vaccine costs £20; every trap £100. Staff time to carry out the baiting of traps and injections is also a significant cost.

Vaccination of badgers helps to reduce the spread of the bovine TB. Recent studies have shown that vaccinating just one third of uninfected badgers in a set can help make unvaccinated cubs less likely to test positive for the disease.


Follow the links below to donate to our badger vaccination programmesMore on badgers and bTB


Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust began a five year vaccination programme in 2011 and have published a report on the findings from their first year.


Dorset Wildlife Trust are trying to raise £45,500 to vaccinate badgers on several of their nature reserves. 


Cheshire Wildlife Trust are beginning a vaccination programme in partnershire with Shropshire Wildlife Trust in Autumn 2012.


Shropshire Wildlife Trust hosted a forum to bring together people trying to find a solution to the bTB problem and will be vaccinating bagers in 2012.


South and West Wales

South and West Wales Wildlife Trust are working with the Welsh Assembly Government to vaccinate badgers in Pembrokeshire.


Somerset is one of the pilot cull areas and Somerset Wildlife Trust are appealing for support to help them vaccinate badgers.


Warwickshire Wildlife Trust are running an appeal to raise funds train staff, buy equipment required and purchase vaccine for a three year vaccination project.


Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is raising funds for a badger vaccination programme to help combat the spread of bovine tuberculosis (bTB) in Staffordshire

Hampshire & Isle of Wight

Badger photo by Dr David Williams

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust are trying to raise £45,500 to vaccinate badgers on at least eight of their nature reserves. With your support we can help to control bTB in cattle and badgers locally. We need to cover the costs of the vaccination and testing programme across our reserves over the next 5 years.


Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is raising funds to vaccinate badgers at a number of locations across the county.

Leicestershire and Rutland 

Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust needs to raise £30,000 to vaccinate badgers from 2013 – 2018.




Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is supporting the vaccination efforts of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and preparing to begin its own programme.


Dorset Wildlife Trust needs to raise £45,500 to vaccinate
badgers against tuberculosis on several of their nature reserves.