North of Celtic Deep recommended Marine Conservation Zone

Status: On hold

Common lobster (Credit Paul Naylor) Common lobster (Credit Paul Naylor)

The area is of high biological productivity and provides important foraging grounds for marine birds and mammals.

North of Celtic Deep is a feeding ground for all sorts of amazing animals, including passing whales and dolphins!

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Although proposed for designation in the 2013 Defra consultation, this site is now on hold. The Welsh Government expressed concerns about the potential diplacement effect of fishing effort into Welsh inshore waters and therefore asked that the site not be designated in 2013. The proposal to designate this site will be reviewed in light of further developments, including Welsh Government consideration of plans for MPAs in Welsh inshore waters. We will continue reinforce the need for an ecologically coherent network of Marine Protected Areas which includes the need for sites to be designated in Welsh Offshore waters.

North of Celtic Deep is the most southerly MCZ in the Irish Sea. It borders the territorial waters of both Wales and the Republic of Ireland.

The deep water sediments in this zone support richly diverse and abundant populations of marine invertebrates. Worms, clams and crustaceans such as lobsters are present in large numbers and in turn provide food for fish populations.

The North of Celtic Deep area is also recognised as important for foraging seabird species such as the gannet, Manx shearwater, fulmar, guillemot and the charismatic puffin. Protection of such foraging sites will aid healthy, flourishing breeding seabird colonies on the Welsh coastline.

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Securing the benefits of the Marine Conservation Zone Network: A Case Study of North of Celtic Deep recommended Marine Conservation Zone

See below for a case study produced by the University of Plymouth to look at quantifying the benefits of Marine Conservation Zones.


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