Walk in their pawprints

Badger standing in tree

Walk in their pawprints

In our trailer, you see how our wild places have become disconnected. Take a moment or two to imagine what Badger and his friends might need to survive in your neighbourhood. You might want to consider the following things:

  • If you were a hedgehog and needed miles to roam to feed at night, could you get through the fences in your area?
  • If you were a toad and you are looking to lay some eggs, are there any ponds nearby?
  • Are there trees and woods near you for badgers to build setts in?
  • If you were a water vole like Ratty, could you burrow into the banks of the river near you?
  • If you were a mole could you get up out of the soil or has someone paved or astro-turfed the areas of grass near you?

What obstacles are most common where you live?

Tick those that apply