Nap in nature

Nap in nature

Matthew Roberts

Pull a hat over your eyes, cross your hands behind your head, and chill out and take a nap in the long grass and flowers of a meadow or wild area. With the warm sunshine, blue sky and gentle buzzing of insects, what could be more therapeutic than really being in the present and feeling your surroundings?

Grey seals sleeping (c) Gemma de Gouveia

Gemma de Gouveia

Spending time in nature is really good for you, helping you feel happier and healthier. It’s easy to get caught up in the busy city lifestyle, raising stress and tension levels. Nature directly combats these, alongside depression and anxiety and leads to a sound wellbeing.

So bring along a picnic blanket, lay back in the sunshine and soak up all that Vitamin D, and you can return to your day relaxed, refreshed and better off for it!