Nature Friendly Schools

Nature Friendly Schools

Helena Dolby for Sheffield Wildlife Trust

                Improving children’s learning, health and wellbeing through nature

Nature Friendly Schools is a new, ground-breaking project, led by The Wildlife Trusts. Over the duration of the four-year project it will bring thousands of children closer to nature, and in turn, benefit their learning, health and wellbeing. It will fuel creativity and a sense of adventure in children, allowing them to experience the joy that nature can bring, and help to develop teachers’ confidence to embrace and drive forward outdoor learning in schools.

Students will be given the opportunity to visit local nature reserves or parks and experience wildlife on their doorstep through the creation of new nature areas within their school grounds. Teachers will receive training on how to link outdoor learning to the National Curriculum and how to make the most of the outdoor space available to them, whether this be on their school grounds or at a nearby green spaces.

Nature Friendly Schools is funded by the Department for Education, with support from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and Natural England. It is led by The Wildlife Trusts, working in partnership with YoungMinds, Groundwork, the Sensory Trust and the Field Studies Council.

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"Connecting children with nature is one of the most important things we can do for them. It can boost their health, wellbeing and learning and give them a life-long love of the natural world."

~ Lord Blencathra, Natural England’s Deputy Chair

Nature Friendly Schools