Aggregate Industries UK Ltd

Aggregate Industries UK Ltd

Working together for a sustainable construction industry which supports more wildlife and habitats and enables more people to connect with nature.

Our enduring decade long partnership with Aggregate Industries leads the way to a construction and infrastructure sector which makes a positive contribution to nature’s recovery.

Recently renewed and refreshed, our partnership supports local action for wildlife and to connect people with nature. Aggregate Industries key sites, covering over 4,000ha are all certified to Biodiversity Benchmark standard, this means that they have management systems in place to enable wildlife to flourish.

In Leicestershire, Aggregate Industries works with the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust to protect and enhance the unique character of Charnwood Forest. Somerset Wildlife Trust has worked with Aggregate dustries and other quarry operators to enhance the ecological connectivity between the many quarry sites in the Mendip Hills. Because of this, as these quarries are restored to nature wildlife will be able to move freely between them and throughout the landscape.

Looking ahead we will be encouraging more local action, supporting local Wildlife Trusts and Aggregate Industries sites to deliver even more for wildlife. We will also encourage and recognise innovative leadership in our own organisations and demonstrate success to the rest of the industry.