Adopt a badger

Badger (Image: Elliot Neep)

Support a Badger vaccination with Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Price: £25
What you'll receive: Welcome letter, thank you certificate, 4-page colour factfile, postcard. exclusive car sticker, cuddly toy or book, stickers and extra fun things for youngsters! All presented in a box, so it's easy to wrap!
Additional: The badger is a British wildlife icon, and is the unmistakeable emblem of the Wildlife Trusts. Sadly, as badgers contribute to the spread of bovine TB in the UK, a decision was taken by the government to cull badgers in some areas. We've decided that vaccinating badgers may be a better way to help tackle bovine TB in areas like the north west and have been working on a vaccination scheme since 2012 across hundreds of hectares of Cheshire Countryside.

Adopt a Badger with Warwickshire WT

Price: £25
What you'll receive: A certificate of adoption, the story of your adopted badger that comes in 3 parts over the year, a poster, a cuddly badger, a pin badge and more.
Additional: The campaign raises funds to continue our crucial work conserving wildlife and wild spaces in Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire.

Adopt a Badger with The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

Price: £25
What you'll receive: A welcome letter, adoption certificate, fact sheet on your adopted animal, soft toy badger and an enamel badger pin badge. Once a year you'll also receive a report on the adopted animal and, where badgers are concerned, the Trust will update you on the progress of the vaccination program and how our badgers are getting on in Wales.
Additional: By adopting a badger you will help with the Trust work on promoting a Tuberculosis vaccine as a viable alternative to culling.
Contact info: Call 01656 724100 or email