Thank you for helping to Defend Nature

Across Europe, including here in the UK, vital laws protect our most precious wildlife and wild places. It's not just wildlife that depend on them - we do too, for cleaner rivers, vital habitat for pollinating insects and natural places we can enjoy and spend time in. Without these laws our world would be a poorer place.

Recently, the European Commission (EC) held a consultation (called 'Fitness Check') into a review of these laws - the 'Nature Directives' - asking people to give their opinion on them.

Over 500,000 of you responded to this consulation, thank so much for all your support. 

On December 7 the European Commission reported that:

"Our European Commission 'fitness check' has recognised that the European Birds and Habitats Directives remain relevant and fit for purpose. They will not be 'opened." This is great news. Now the UK Government must retain all aspects of these laws and transpose them into domestic regulation to safeguard our wildlife once the UK leaves the EU. You can read the EC's full statement here: 

As part of this consultation, The Wildlife Trusts joined a coaltion of over 100 other charities and environmental organisations to provide a more detailed response to the Commission as part of their evidence gathering process. Click here to read this response and find out more infomation about this coalition.



Find out more:

> Read our 'It's Our Nature: You can help protect Europe’s laws for wildlife' report to find out more.

> Read our blog - Joan Edwards looks at what the Nature Directives do for people and wildlife here in the UK.





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