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From once in a lifetime opportunities to do something amazing for wildlife, to urgent requests for donations to save a threatened piece of land, you can help The Wildlife Trusts achieve positive change for nature and people.




Help for Hedgehogs



Target: £250,000


Nature Reserves fund

To enjoy our country's iconic wildlife tomorrow, we need to safeguard it today.

North Wales 

Minera Appeal

Financial target: £25,000




Hedgehogs are in rapid decline in Britain, attracting significant media attention, both nationally and locally in Warwickshire.

The Trust plan to raise £250,000 to work with local schools, planners, developers, local businesses and landowners to raise awareness of the issues facing one of our most loved wild animals. 

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust is uniquely placed to lead and deliver land management programmes to protect and secure the county's rich and varied landscapes, vulnerable wildlife and iconic species.

With your support the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust team will make sure that our nature reserves continue to excite and inspire people today and for generations to come.

Our nature reserves may appear to be wild, undisturbed havens for wildlife, but a great deal of hard work, time and investment goes into keeping them 'wild'. The on-going cyclical nature of reserve management is vital to produce the diversity of habitats for rare species to survive.


Minera Quarry is a special place, but not yet a Wildlife Trust nature reserve – and we need you to help us protect it for the future.

At the moment, Minera Quarry is barely accessible and unmanaged for people and wildlife. Without your help, many of the unique grassland flowers will be engulfed by thick scrub and lost forever.









Somerset's Brilliant Coast!

Target: £28,000

We are nearly there! With a little more support we will be able to fund important Coastal Survey work along Somerset’s Coast for 2017!

We’ve raised an incredible £23,000 so far, but we desperately need to get to £28,000 so we can carry out this crucial work.

This Giving Tuesday we are asking all our supporters to help us get to £28,000 by the end of the year, so please, if you love wildlife and love the coast, please pledge your support. All donations large or small make a real difference to our work.

Image © Minette Layne



Last Red Squirrel


Save from extinction

Northumberland Wildlife Trust believes it can save the red squirrel from extinction in the North East by stopping the spread of grey squirrels and managing the woodland landscape together with communities and landowners.

But we can’t do it without your support. 




Target: £42,000

This new piece of land features towering ash trees rising up from the valley bottom and oak trees on the drier upper slopes.

Spring sees the ground covered by a lush carpet of wild garlic, bluebells, wood avens and wood anemones.

In order to purchase the extra land, Brecknock Wildlife Trust had to dig deep into their reserves. By giving a donation now you can ensure the Trust can support more projects in the future! 


Keep Beavers in the Wild

Target £54,000

For the first time since they were hunted to extinction in the 1700s, England has a wild beaver population in Devon, on the River Otter! Thanks to your support the beavers are here to stay but the hard work isn't over!

Devon Wildlife Trust will be monitoring the effects of beaver activity on the river. This will inform future decisions on the release of beavers in England so please do lend your support.

DWT must now fund a five year River Otter Beaver Trial and there are no public funds available so any amount that the public can donate will help!

Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire

Great Fen Project

Target: £182,000

A fantastic opportunity to transform 182 hectares of land at the heart of the Great Fen.

BCN Wildlife Trust must find £182,000 of match funding in order to be awarded with the generous grant of £1.89 million from The Heritage Lottery Fund.


Coombe Bissett Land Purchase Appeal

We need your help to raise £185,000 to secure the sale

The land for sale includes part of a County Wildlife Site and an area of arable land - part of which has already been returned to chalk grassland. This purchase gives us a significant opportunity to build on our success in restoring chalk downland at our existing Coombe Bissett Down nature reserve.

By buying this land we will double the size of the existing nature reserve, reconnect two parts of the Homington and Coombe Bissett Downs SSSI and link the Coombe Bissett Down County Wildlife Site. It will become a strategically important large block of chalk downland. The new reserve will cover an area of 215 acres, provide ecological connectivity and further protect, maintain and enhance this internationally important habitat.

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Help barn owls to thrive in Cheshire

Help to support barn owls at Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Vulnerable to the impact of changes in agriculture, loss of feeding habitat and adverse weather, this much loved farmland bird has suffered a severe decline in Cheshire in the past century. Over time their hunting habitats and number of natural nesting sites have plummeted. Those that do remain exist in isolation, often separated by busy roads, making travel between hunting grounds and nest sites perilous.

Summer 2013 was the worst on record in recent times for barn owls in Cheshire, with just 19 pairs recorded, down 80% on the previous year. Although 2014 saw their numbers, thankfully, increase they’re still nowhere near the 1930s peak of 240 breeding pairs. We want to give them a fighting chance, but we desperately need your help to do that.


Sussex Downs


Target: £40,000

For the past fifty years, the Sussex Wildlife Trust have been battling to bring back some of the lost wildlife to the South Downs. We want more and more people to return to the Downs, bringing their children, to once again enjoy the wildlife that flourishes here.

However, the work is expensive: machinery and tools, contractors, fencing materials, vets’ bills, livestock and animal husbandry - it all adds up.

Please help us to raise £40,000 to continue to fund this work for the next three years.


Pony Appeal

Target: £9,200

Durham Wildlife Trust is appealing to the generosity of the public to help crowdfund its latest campaign: The Durham Wildlife Trust Pony Appeal.

The Trust is aiming to raise £9,200 to support the acquisition of a herd of 12 Exmoor ponies. Exmoor ponies are hardy, native breed ponies, perfectly suited for conservation grazing.

Please click on button below to learn more and to support the DWT Pony Appeal.


Give our volunteers a home?

Target: £5,000

The workshop will be created from a second-hand storage container and will be insulated and fitted with electricity and mains water creating a warm, dry working space. All too often, volunteers end up working in cramped, cold conditions in our existing small storage area or even worse, outside in the cold and rain. This new, dedicated area will be perfect for all kinds of activities like making bird boxes to go out on our reserves or simply repairing tools.


Treasure Chest Appeal


In 2014, an incredible number of people supported our Treasure Chest Appeal. However, we’ve been so successful in our funding applications that our Treasure Chest is now empty!

Treasure Chest donations offer us a unique opportunity because for every £1 you give we can unlock up to a further £9 from Surrey companies. 

Treasure Chest donations could help us bring otters back to Surrey. Surrey is one of the last counties in England without a resident wild otter population.

We have so much that we want to do and it is only with your continued support that we are able to access this valuable - and unique - source of funding!


Help protect our wildflower meadows 

Summer appeal 2016 

With your help we can continue to protect and restore grassland meadows throughout Avon. These essential habitats currently exist like islands in the landscape, trapping wildlife and reducing its ability to move and thrive. Our B-Lines project is working to create corridors of healthy habitats across the landscape throughout our region.

South and West Wales

Save Our Seabirds


Target: £10,000

Recent record-breaking storms have caused massive mortality of birds wintering at sea around the south coast of Britain, including our Skomer and Skokholm birds.

Skomer and Skokholm offer a safe haven for many marine birds and our research needs to continue to enable us to understand how we can continue to safeguard these species in the future. 

Please help us raise funds to continue vital research in understanding and solving the problems our seabirds are facing.


Mini bus appeal

We urgently need your help to raise £30,000 to buy a minibus to reconnect children and young people with nature and inspire them to be custodians of our natural world.

In the age of the Internet, YouTube and smart TVs, do you ever feel that we are losing our connection with nature? That many people, especially children and young adults, simply aren't experiencing the great outdoors any more?

But there is something you can do. We are creatng a unique centre at Greystones Farm nature reserve, at Bourton-on-the-Water. The centre is designed to inspire children and young people who don't normally have the chance to experience nature. But there's just one piece of the jigsaw missing.

We urgently need your help to raise £30,000 to buy a minibus to bring visitors to Greystones. With a donation of £35 today, we could reach out to people young and old across the county, giving them an experience they will remember and treasure forever.